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Official website of the New England Patriots News Blitz - 4/22/2008

Draft strategies, some draft history, and Randy Moss ... author? Details in today's News Blitz.

What to do with the seventh pick in the draft?

If you're Bill Belichick and Scott Pioli, the head coach and player personnel chief for the Patriots, that's the question you'll have to answer this Saturday afternoon.

With that in mind, the MetroWest Daily News offers seven possibilities for the Pats' first pick, including trading up.

"If they do that, it would likely be to target [Ohio State's Vernon] Gholston, the premier pass-rusher available," the story reads in part. "It's possible he could slip to 7, but not likely. The Jets at 6 would probably pounce on him and he could go as high as the top overall pick, as new Miami boss Bill Parcells does have an affinity for playmaking outside 'backers.

"If Gholston is their man and the Dolphins opt for one of the Longs at No. 1, the Pats may have to just move up two spots, minimizing what they'd have to give up. Kansas City's pick at No. 5 would allow them to jump in front of the Jets, but the Chiefs could decide to join the market for Gholston's services themselves now that they've announced they are open to dealing Pro Bowl defensive end Jared Allen."

The NFL Draft is typically an inexact science, which may make it seem easy to approach in hindsight, which is what one local writer did over the weekend.

The Sun Chronicle looked back at what the Patriots did in ithe 1992 Draft, when Sam Jankovich was running the show in New England's front office.

"This drafting business isn't so tough," the writer noted Jankovich saying when he briefed reporters. But the article goes on to describe what happened not long after those fateful words were uttered.

And if you're a fan of WR Randy Moss, you may be interested to hear that he's decided to write a book about his life. Moss made the announcement recently on his website.

Helping Moss will be Jim Workman, a former sports writer who covered Moss in high school

"We’re looking forward to sharing the many sides of Randy that only a few of his closest friends and family have had the pleasure of seeing until now," Workman told the Boston Herald.

Moss' book is due on shelves in February.

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