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Pre-draft visits top the news in the mid-week edition of the Blitz.

According to today's Boston Globe, several draft prospects are either scheduled to visit or have visited with the Patriots. Among them, West Virginia QB Pat Whiteand YouTube phenom Jarron Gilbert, a defensive end out of San Jose State, where the team trained twice last season.

The Providence Journal, meantime, offers a scouting report on a tight end who might be on the Pats' radar as well.

On *The Dallas Morning News' *website, there's an interesting piece about **Bill Belichick **keeping the Pats competitive in today's NFL.

And in* The New York Times*, you'll find an analysis of the Pats and their 23rd pick in this month's NFL Draft.

As for the **Julius Peppers **saga, there's another opinion piece on the subject in The Bleacher Report.

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