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Robert Kraft's first public interview about Patriot Place. The first glimpse of the team's museum concept.

Robert Kraft's legacy may already be cemented, but he wants to guarantee it.

That's why the Patriots owner is pouring concrete, and a substantial amount of money, into Patriot Place.

"This is where I come to work every day. We want to build something special," Kraft said in an interview with Sunday's Boston Globe. This is the first time Kraft has spoken publically about his ideas for the enormous retail, office, and entertainment venue surrounding Gillette Stadium.

The interesting feature gives rare insight into the Kraft family's plans to develop the home of the Patriots into an even higher-profile, year-round destination.

One of the new attractions being built is **The Hall at Patriot Place**. As you may have already seen here on, the interactive museum will pay tribute not only to the history of the Patriots franchise, but also to football in general throughout the New England area.

And have you ever wondered how injured NFL players recover so quickly from surgeries and other rehabilitation? Well, they have some of the best medical professionals at their disposal...and now you will, too.

As part of the Patriot Place project, a sports medicine center and outpatient surgical clinic is being planned, with Patriots team doctors among the top-tier physicians who will see patients. That means, for instance, that if your son or daughter gets hurt playing their favorite sport, they could get treatment from the same people who tend to injured New England Patriots players.

Finally, in the way of team news today, The Providence Journal examines how newcomer Randy Moss is endearing himself to his new teammates here in New England.

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