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Seau returns...and Testaverde, too? Plus, analyzing the top three teams in the'll never guess who comes out on top. Find out in today's News Blitz.

As you've probably heard or read by now, Junior Seau is back with the Patriots. The linebacker re-signed with New England on Monday.

And as the team began its four-day passing camp here at Gillette Stadium (an expanded set of offseason practices), there was a Vinny Testaverde sighting, according to The Boston Globe. As of this morning, however, the 43-year-old veteran QB is not under contract with New England.

Around the NFL, the consensus seems to be that the top teams in the League include New England, Indianapolis, and San Diego. One writer decided to conduct a "tale-of-the-tape" between the three to decide, however prematurely, which is the very best.

Elsewhere, lists the most intriguing story lines of 2007. Of course, the Patriots are involved in one of those stories.

Finally, there's a touching anecdote about Mike Vrabel, who took a liking to a particular camper at Troy Brown's football camp at Marshall University. You can find the story at the bottom of the *Globe's *story on Junior Seau.

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