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Andre Tippett's send off to Canton, Harrison and Warren respond to the media, and Brandon Meriweather's emergence as a leader in his sophomore season.  And what made New England the desired destination for TE Marcus Pollard? All found in today's News Blitz...  

Saturday will mark a special event forAndre Tippettand the entire Patriots organization. His enshrinement will make him the second career-long Patriot (John Hannah'73-'85) to be inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

The Patriots hope that Brandon Meriweatherwill take a step toward stardom as the former first-round selection enters his second season. This year's training camp has been Meriweather's platform to become a leader. Teammates and coaches alike are taking notice of young safety as he matures into a more vocal and physical presence on the practice field.

"I even had to tell him to shut up because he was trying to tell me how to do my job," joked Rodney Harrisonin a recent Globe article. "It's nice to see [from] Brandon. Obviously, he's a very talented young man. He's worked extremely hard this last year, and as he gets older and his role increases, he's going . . . to become more vocal, and he's definitely becoming a leader out there."

Harrison also took the time to comment about his recent dubious 'award' of dirtiest player in the NFL as chosen by coaches around the league who voted on the subject.

“They’re ignorant, they don’t know me,” Harrison said to the Boston Herald. "If you take the time to get to know Rodney Harrison the person, you would know that's not my makeup, that's not my personality. I play hard. It's unfortunate that you have stigma like that, but what can you say?...I'm just playing hard. Trust me. They probably want me on their team."

The Herald featured yet another prominent Patriot defender in one of its articles. DL Ty Warrenanswered questions about the hype surrounding the team's defense entering the 2008 season.

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