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In today's News Blitz, Tom Brady quells rumblings of his association with Barry Bonds' trainer Greg Anderson. Junior Seau might fill in for the Patriots.

Multiple sources report that linebacker Junior Seau, who retired after 16 years in the NFL on Monday, may be in New England very soon. Seau played with the Dolphins for the last three years, after 13 with the Chargers. A notorious run-stopper, Seau has been to 12 Pro Bowls projects as an inside linebacker in the Patriots 3-4 defense. I had the opportunity to coach him in Hawaii, in the '98 Pro Bowl," Belichick said.I did get to know him out there. He's always been a . . . high-energy type of player that has made a lot of big plays through his career." The Boston Globe, the Boston Herald and the Hartford Courant all have stories on his potential arrival to New England.

Tom Brady had an unfortunate off-field suprise yesterday morning. His name is among 10 to 20 athletes listed on a subpoena that a federal grand jury in San Francisco served to Greg Anderson, trainer for Giants outfielder Barry Bonds. Brady was quick to dismiss any real connections to Anderson. "I think any time for an athlete you're even mentioned in something like this, it's disappointing," Brady said. "But it was a long time ago, I was back in the Bay Area and I wanted to work out for a day, I knew he had a gym, I called and he wasn't around. That was about it. That was the first of it, and the last of it. I guess five years later, I guess, it's a big deal. But that's the entire extent." The Globe's Jerome Solomon and the Herald's John Tomase both offer full stories with Brady's explaination.

The Boston Globe's Jerome Solomon shares his notebook, which includes information on the Patriots receivers. "There's no question there's a lack of depth there," quarterback Tom Brady said. "But the guys who are there are doing a solid job -- they know what to do, they're catching the ball, they're playing hard, they're practicing hard. I have a lot of confidence in those guys."

Also, The Boston Globe brings in some experts to rate the new team hot dogs that will be served at Patriots games this year. The taste test pitted the Patriots dog against well-knowns such as the Fenway frank and the Oscar Mayer Wiener. Takeru Kobayashi, eat your heart out.

Boston Herald writer John Tomase offers his notebook which includes stories on Tedy Bruschi's wrist injury and quotes from Richard Seymour on Deion Branch and the end of training camp.

With training camp drawing to a close, Tom Curran of The Providence Journal offers a story on how this season's camps unfolded. This has not been a kinder, gentler New England Patriots training camp. It has been meaner, more arduous and -- apparently -- effective.

The Boston Globe's Mike Reiss offers his daily blog.

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