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Brady speaks out on his foot injury and read why Tom seems to look better than ever without even stepping on the field.  Also, Find out the reason players and coaches are not worried about the two preseason losses and a national outlet sits down with Matt Light in today's News Blitz.

As many of you know, QB Tom Bradydid not play in Sunday's preseason game against the Buccaneers due to a foot injury. The *Boston Globe *caught up with Brady to find out if the problem was the same as last year's Super Bowl injury and if we should expect him to miss more games.

"You know the preseason is important, but I think the idea is to be ready for when the regular season kicks off," said Brady. "If I can be out there, then I'll be out there, but it remains to be seen. We spent some time this weekend getting treatment on my foot and hoping that it responds quickly, like it usually does."

Although the past two preseason games have had their high and low points, the team is far from the way it looked last year. Many people may be concerned for the regular season, especially with the uncharacteristic play of the defense but Bill Belichickdoes not seem to be. However, he does think the team can improve.

"We pretty much stayed in our basic defense, and that probably hasn't made it overly difficult for the other team's offense to figure out where we are and what we're doing," Belichick told the Globe. "We're not really trying to fool anybody, we're just trying to play good, fundamental football. We can play better fundamental football."

With Brady missing the past two games we have gotten a good look at the quarterbacks that play behind him. With the inconsistant play by the likes of Matt Cassel, Matt Gutierrezand Kevin O'Connell, the *Providence Journal *explains how they think this has made Brady look even better than before.

Lastly, sat down with LT **Matt Light **and talked about his efforts to work with kids from the Cheyenne tribe for the past two years.

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