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In today's News Blitz...How are two of the team's biggest stars coming along as they enter their second season in New England?  Also, as the Patriots open the exhibition season tonight, what should fans be on the look out for?  

Well, here we are. Tonight the Patriots play the Ravens to open the 2008 preseason schedule.

The Boston Globe published articles on the two prominent Patriot players. Adalius Thomas and Randy Moss are both about to begin their second season in the Patriot uniform and their influence has been felt strongly thus far in training camp.

When talking about Randy Moss, the discussion usually involves his incredible receiving talent, not his ability to make others better. However, WR C.J. Jones spoke about Moss' influence on the less experienced guys in the receiving corps.

"He's a good teacher. He's a real good teacher," said Jones, who is fighting an uphill battle for a roster spot. "He shows us a lot - in the meeting room, on the [white] boards. He knows his plays. We have these little games we play with the routes, and if you don't know it, he makes sure you know it."

The focus shifts today from individuals to the team. The Patriots opening the exhibition season at home tonight against the Ravens. The Herald has a 'what to watch for' article for Pats fans.

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