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**Nick Cafardo** of The Boston Globe features Troy Brown, who will play his second game back from a leg injury this weekend in Buffalo. "Few athletes in this area are more respected than Patriots wide receiver Troy Brown," writes Cafardo. "At 33, he's struggled to fight his way up the depth chart again after falling behind Deion Branch, David Patten, and David Givens, while having to endure a stint as a cornerback in the exhibition season."

Last week, many writers noted Bill Belichick's admission that Bill Parcells was looking elsewhere even as he led the Patriots to the Super Bowl in the winter of 1997. Belichick's knowledge of the situation was revealed in former Globe writer Michael Holley's new book, "Patriot Reign: Bill Belichick, the Coaches, and the Players Who Built a Champion." Today, the Globe runs the second of two excerpts from Holley's book.

**Kevin Mannix** of The Boston Herald advises fans not to get caught up in the hype surrounding the Patriots current win streaks, as official NFL records do not include playoff games. "Contrary to popular opinion, the Patriots are not about to tie an NFL record for consecutive victories over two seasons," Mannix writes.

**Alan Greenberg** of The Hartford Courant looks at offensive coordinator Charlie Weis, one of the league's most innovative minds. "Weis is making $500,000 in this, the last year of his contract," writes Greenberg. "Knowing that there are several other NFL coordinators who have no Super Bowl rings but are making twice that much, Weis asked for a raise during the off-season, but the Patriots refused."

Yesterday, The Republican ran an interview with Tedy Bruschi conducted by **Chris Kennedy**. Interesting discussion topics include Bruschi's musical hobby, and his unusual role as his own agent.

The Portland Press Herald runs an Associated Press article saying the Pats are trying to take each game one at a time and pay no heed to the fanfare surrounding their winning streak. "They're trying to ignore the fact that two more wins will break the NFL record for consecutive victories in the regular season and playoffs, an increasingly popular topic of media questions."

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