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Patriots Fans of North Carolina Deck the Halls!

The New England Patriots Fans of North Carolina have taken their role in the community to another level. Now in their fifth year as an organization, the group boasts nearly 700 members and they’re making use of their footprint like no club has before.

After successfully launching their first food drive in coordination with a local Giants fan club during the Super Bowl last year – a competition dubbed the Souper Bowl – the NEPFNC decided to expand the event to include other NFL fans clubs this fall.

"We started with our group and I reached out to the other area fan clubs so we would have a much larger impact. The response was overwhelming. We were joined by the Triangle Steel Club of Steelers fans, the Buffalo Bill Backers and the Fin Fever Dolphins fans who came together to raise over 2,000 pound of food in one game day afternoon for the Carolina Food Bank," writes Todd King, President of the NEPFNC. "I have already heard from two other fan clubs who saw this on the news and are onboard for next year."

The club called this year's event Foodball, and it eclipsed the Souper Bowl's impact by quadrupling the amount of food raised. By the way, the NEPFNC hasn't lost a food drive competition yet.

After the event wrapped up, the members of the NEPFNC decided they still had more to give, so they contacted Hope Ministries in Raleigh, N.C., which hosts an Adopt-A-Family program every year during the holidays. They signed up to help a young girl along with her single mother and grandmother.

"When we started, we were just trying to help spread a little Christmas joy but when we actually communicated with this family, our fan club members heard what the needs were and they really answered the call," writes King. "On December 14, we delivered so many gifts we had to use two vehicles to move the items. We brought a pile of gift cards so this family could have a warm and wonderful holiday and get back on their feet."

Learn more about the New England Patriots Fans of North Carolina at The Registry, or check out their club website.

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