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Patriots have another Wise option on the defensive line

Deatrich Wise’s brother, Daniel, is a mid-round prospect.


The Patriots have relatively significant history pairing up brothers on their roster. The McCourty twins, Gronkowskis and Hollister twins are just a few of the recent examples of brothers playing together in New England.

Come draft weekend a Patriots team that certainly may be in need of help on the defensive line could add another brother combo to the mix as current defensive end Deatrich Wise Jr.'s younger brother, Daniel, is a defensive tackle prospect out of Kansas.

Similar to Wise Jr. landing in New England as a fourth-round prospect out of Arkansas in 2017, the latest Wise is also a mid-round prospect after an All-Big 12 career for the Jayhawks. A captain at Kansas, Wise finished his four-year career with 43 tackles for a loss and 17 sacks in 42 games. He considered entering the draft a year ago and despite his team's struggles this fall has no regrets about returning for his senior campaign.

"Not even once. I loved going back to school," Wise said. "I loved the opportunity, the lessons I've learned going back for those several months. An opportunity to learn more under coach Clint Bowen. Mature a little bit in the game. The opportunity has been amazing."

While finishing out his college career, Wise has been along for the ride with his brother's impressive start in New England. Wise Jr. played in all 32 games in his first two seasons with the Patriots and made two trips to the Super Bowl, with his younger brother a guest on both of those trips.

"I was blessed enough to go to both of them, the one they won and the one they lost. Both were an amazing experience," Wise said. "It's awesome to be there. When I go there it's as a huge fan of my older brother and the Patriots. It's amazing."

Wise is a different type of player than his older brother. He's more of interior cog with a shorter build. But he made it clear there are similarities as well. One thing for sure is the two sons of military parents have affable, outgoing personalities.

"I don't know if I can match his, but I'm just as joyful," Wise said with a big smile at his Combine press conference. "I really don't compare mine to his (game). We have similar body types, similar aggression. Same d-line coach, our father, for the last umpteen years of our life. But we do have similar personalities."

And Wise has gotten some advice from his sibling, a guy who's been there and done that in terms of the Combine experience.

"He said just relax and enjoy the Combine. The good, the bad, the ugly," Wise said. "It is what it's going to be. He's been helpful, my older brother. Every step of the way everything I need, everything I didn't know I needed, he's given me advice on. We talk, even just a few minutes ago."

Wise has also been advised as to what life in New England is like.

"It's awesome. What better team to play for, so he says," Wise said. "Obviously they went to the Super Bowl two years in a row. Got the ring this year. It's the Patriot Way."

While Wise has been to two Super Bowls with his brother and been around the team a bit, he's yet to actually meet Bill Belichick.

"I've seen him. I've never really shook his hand or said hello, not yet," Wise said with a smirk. "I mean, that's Bill Belichick. You just kind of let him walk past you. They have a great team, a great atmosphere around there."

It's an atmosphere he wouldn't mind experiencing himself, especially considering that's where his brother found an NFL home.

"That idea has been a dream of ours forever," Daniel Wise said of possibly playing with Deatrich. "Hopefully one day we can make it happen."

Oh, and for the record, which of the Wise brothers is better? (There is actually a third brother, Solomon, currently playing at University of Texas at San Antonio.)

"I'm going to say I'm better," Wise said smiling.

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