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Patriots hope to weather storm

In addition to game planning for Sunday's home-opener with the Indianapolis Colts, New England may have to prepare for Mother Nature as well.

Hurricane Floyd has been tearing up the East Coast, and the northeast appears to be next in line. With forecasts indicating that Floyd will hit the area late Thursday through Friday, inclement weather could impact the game.

"The rain and the wetness affects the ball," Head Coach Pete Carroll said Thursday. "It can make things sloppy on both sides, but all you can do is wear the right cleats and try to stay on your feet, but it doesn't affect your game plan."

Carroll said he enjoys weather-affected games. The most memorable such game for him was played in Foxboro Stadium, when he was the coach of the visiting New York Jets. The Jets kicked two early field goals despite windy, rainy weather conditions to beat the Patriots 6-0 on Nov. 28, 1993.

"That was one of the greatest weather games of all time," Carroll said. "Before the game, there were tarps blowing 20 or 30 feet. I was dying to see if you could run on them. It looked like it could have been fun. That was a great night. I loved it."

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