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Patriots introduce variable pricing for 2014 season tickets

The New England Patriots will introduce variable pricing for 2014 Season Tickets and a price adjustment in two of Gillette Stadium's seven seating categories. Over 60 percent of season ticket prices remain unchanged.


FOXBOROUGH, Mass. - In 2014, the Patriots will utilize variable pricing for their season ticket packages for the first time. The concept is already used by most professional sports leagues and many of the NCAA's largest college football programs. In the NFL, the Patriots are among the first to announce their intentions to implement the new pricing strategy. This year's season tickets will list different prices for games in the three categories of Preseason (2 games), Premier (4 games) and Marquee (4 games). While the season tickets will show three different prices for the 10 home games, the overall price of the season tickets will not change due to variable pricing. Rather, the pricing is intended to better reflect the value and expected demand of each game. Individual game tickets will continue to be sold at a higher price, giving season ticket holders the greatest value for their Patriots game tickets.

With variable pricing, demand can vary based on multiple factors, including the opponent, day of the week, time of the game and placement of the game on the schedule. Preseason games will now be priced at approximately 50 percent of the Premier games, while the most anticipated Marquee games, such as the 2014 rematch of the 2013 AFC Championship Game between the Patriots and Broncos, will be assigned a value approximately 25 percent higher than Premier games. The prices in the Premier category reflect the standard ticket pricing from last year, of which five of the seven categories have not changed.

While the Patriots have not had a stadium-wide ticket increase since after the 2007 season, they will have pricing adjustments in two of the three lower bowl seating categories at Gillette Stadium this year. Price adjustments will be made in the midfield and end zone sections on the 100-level, with prices increasing by an average of $10 and $18, respectively, per ticket. The prices in the remaining seating categories, including all seats on the Mezzanine and Upper levels will not change.

The new ticket prices for the Preseason, Premier and Marquee games are listed below, along with the total season ticket package price.

Variable Price per Game

Seating Level and Area





Lower Level Midfield





Lower Level Sideline





Lower Level Corner/End Zone





Mezzanine Level Corner





Upper Level Midfield




$990 **

Upper Level Sideline





Upper Level Corner





* Price unchanged since 2008.
** Price unchanged since 2012.

The annual season ticket renewal packets will be sent out in mid February with a payment deadline of March 31.

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