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Patriots Locker Room Quotes - 1/10/2008

New England Patriots players offer comments on their upcoming playoff game against the Jacksonville Jaguars.


(On playing a physical team like Jacksonville)

Sanders: We compete, we're physical and we're going to go out there and play our game and we'll see what happens.

(On being the advantages of being a smaller player)

Sanders: [You're] quicker, you can get them at the line of scrimmage, hopefully press them a little bit. We just go out there and compete and just do what we do.


(On the biggest threat that Jacksonville's offense poses to the Patriots defense)

Harrison: Well, obviously the run game, but they're very capable of making plays down the field and we're well aware of that. We understand that [David] Garrard - He has 18 touchdown's, three interceptions during the regular season. HHe's been tremendous and he has the capability of beating you with his legs as well. He's a tremendous player.

(On after going 16-0 if the team has to continue to go undefeated)

Harrison: It really has nothing to do with the regular season. It's over with now. We were 16-and-0. That's in the past. We're 0-0 right now. We have to go out here and get a victory on Saturday night. We've got to play well and execute.

(On David Garrard)

Harrison: I think people underestimate his ability to get out of the pocket and his speed down the field. We're ready for it.

(On how the team stays focused with all the distractions of the media)

You just concern yourself with the guys in this locker room and what's going on in this locker room and not worry about what's going on outside this locker room. We're not playing for you all, we're playing for each other.

(On how much they trust Coach Belichick)

Harrison: He's the coach. Obviously he's had a lot of success, he's been around the block, he knows his players, the strengths, the weaknesses of his team and we trust him, but at the end of the day we still have to go out there and make the plays. He's coaching but the players play.

(On the worst part about having two weeks off)

Harrison: Nothing.

LB Junior Seau

(On previous success in home playoff games)

Seau: The past doesn't matter. We're not going to deal with the past in terms of track record or what have you. The only thing we can do is try to build our own history and our own future, and it starts today by going out there and practicing [to] position ourselves to get ready Saturday.

(On what makes Gillette Stadium comfortable for him to play in)

Seau: It's home. It's as simple as that - It's home. It's not a place where you're visiting. You have a lot of your hometown people here. They're cheering for you, they're the 12th man. They serve great food here and it goes a long way, so we're definitely glad to be here.

(On if the intensity-level in practice gets higher as the game approaches)

Seau:There's just so much media hype. When you look at the games now, the dressing and the drama that comes with it is basically at a high level. In terms of practicing and our approach, the practice - It's the same thing. We're trying to prepare for a great team and we know that we're fighting for employment for the next week and that's about it. There isn't any guarantee. We don't have a schedule, in terms of looking forward to the future. There is no future. The future is now.

LB Tedy Bruschi

(On if he's ready to finally play this game)

Bruschi: Yeah, [we're] excited. Excited knowing that it's coming here, it's closer now and it's a game we've all been waiting for. Everybody wants to participate in the playoffs. It's what you play the regular season for, so everyone's starting to feel like it's closer. The preparation is getting down to its final stages.

(On if it's hard not to get excited as that anticipation builds up)

Bruschi: You don't want to get too excited too early. It's still a few days before and you don't want to get excited on a Wednesday or a Tuesday. You know it's coming, but you have to use that anxious energy and that excitement to transfer over to your preparation and the way you watch film and prepare for the opponent.

(On how much of a comfort it is to be playing at home in this year's playoffs)

Bruschi: Yeah, it feels good. It feels good that you know you're going to be home. You can stick to your routine for the home games, you don't have a long flight to get on. We worked hard during the regular season to be able to have home playoff games, and we're excited to play in front of our fans.

(On what challenges Jacksonville's running game will present to the Patriots defense)

Bruschi:I think this is the biggest challenge from the year, in terms of facing two running backs that are on the top of their game and two running backs that can really score anytime they touch the ball. You saw the play out of the backfield by [Maurice] Jones-Drew last week. It was just an easy swing pass and he took it all the way to the house. His kickoff return… And [Fred] Taylor, all the breakout runs he's had and he finishes them in the end zone. They're not really a three, four, five-yard cloud of dust type of team. If they get in the open field, they're going to be going all the way.

(On if he feels like the undefeated talk has fallen by the wayside by now)

Bruschi: Yeah, I mean, all of the records are erased. It's the playoffs. Whoever wins gets to move on and whoever loses, the season's over.

(On what it says about Jacksonville that they lead the league in both fourth-down attempts and conversions with 19, the most since the Patriots in 1996)

Bruschi: I think one, it speaks of how aggressive they are, in terms of play-calling. If it's a fourth-and-short or fourth-and-whatever, they have confidence on their offense in that they can convert. I think it shows how much confidence their coaches have in their players. When you put the balls in the hands on players like [David] Garrard and Drew and Taylor, you have a good feeling that they're going to be making that fourth-down conversion.

FB Heath Evans

(On the biggest challenge Jacksonville's big defensive linemen will present to the Patriots offense)

Evans: Knowing your reads, coming from the running back position, knowing your first reads, your second reads. As you said, those guys are big and they can mess up your initial reads, so you have to know where you're going next if that initial hole is clogged up or it's a little off course.

Cornerback Asante Samuel

(On whether cornerbacks have to play like receivers when the ball is in the air)

Samuel: You have to become a receiver when the ball is in the air or the receiver will come down with the ball. I just try to put myself in the best position when the ball is in the air and you try to make the receiver not be in their best position.

Tight end Kyle Brady

(On what the offense would have been like without Randy Moss)

Brady: It's hard to say. We certainly enjoy having him and I don't even want to speculate what it'd be like without him. He's definitely a special player.

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