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Patriots Locker Room Quotes - 1/23/2012

Various New England Patriots players address the media during open locker room access on Monday, January 23, 2012.


(On the feeling when you have a turnover on special teams)
"It's obviously not a good one; it's nothing that we want to do obviously. We have 100 percent confidence in Danny [Woodhead] back there; he does a great job and he had a great day yesterday. It was just one of those things that happens in football. They have good players, they make plays too but he bounced back. I'm proud of what he did."

(On why he thinks the kick return has not been a strength of the Patriots this year)
"I think all 11 of us out there can do a little bit better job than we have been doing. We've been a little inconsistent with doing our assignments. But like I told those guys and the coaches have been telling those guys, it doesn't matter as long as we keep getting better. I think we got better last night. Yeah, it was tough to turn the ball over but I think we got better, I think we improved; we saw that on the tape today. Now we have a chance, one more opportunity to continue to get it done."

(On how much of today was about switching from celebration to preparation)
"I think the switch was slowly being turned over today. I think we're still enjoying what we did yesterday but we know that it would be a terrible feeling to come all this way and not finish the job. I think that switch will be fully on tomorrow and we'll realize, 'Hey, we have to prepare for the Giants."

(On whether that was the best effort he's seen from the Patriots' crowd this season)
"That was the best effort I've seen from the Patriots crowd in the four years I've been here. I couldn't even hear at times yesterday. That was amazing what those guys did; really appreciate what they did yesterday."


(On if it's stuck in his mind that the Giants beat them in the regular season)
"It's in the past. We can't do anything about our past. We have to do something about our future moving forward and how we prepare for those guys. We know they're a good team so we have to be ready."

(On if revenge for the Super Bowl loss is on his mind)
"No, like I said, that's in our past. We can't do anything about that so we're going to focus on moving forward."

(On if there's excitement about being one of two teams left)
"We're blessed with opportunity, us and another team to go out there and perform. The other 30 teams are at home so we're going to relish this opportunity and go out and make the best of it. It's a true blessing."

(On if he felt the referees were just letting the two teams play yesterday)
"The referees, they're doing their job. Everybody has a job to do and the referees are doing the best job they can. We put them in a difficult position at times, we're just out there, they let us play and we're just playing football."

(On what the coaches were trying to convey in today's meeting)
"We just have to put that game behind us, move forward and get ready for the New York Football Giants."

(On if familiarity will be a factor after playing the Giants in Week 9)
"I'm sure some of that will come into play but at the end of the day it's all about what goes on once the ball is kicked off; we have to go out there and execute."


(On the excitement level)
"You're definitely excited. You grow up wanting to play in a game like this. You definitely do get to let it soak in a little bit because once we start hitting it, it's just another week, that's how you have to take it, even though it's the last week. It's definitely very exciting."

(On a revenge factor)
"I haven't sensed that at all. I think it's two totally different teams, in a different situation, a different scenario. I don't really think that's going on."

(On memories of watching the Patriots and Giants in the Super Bowl and who he was pulling for)
"I remember the Patriots lost; I remember that catch. I was going for the Patriots. I'm not even going to lie. [Tom] Brady is from a town next to me. I grew up, kind of like, everyone rooting for him so I really did, I was going for the Patriots and they lost. It would have been cool to see that history."

(On the team realizing it has to improve after yesterday's game)
"After any game you find that out, especially when you break down the film. We obviously won the game but we obviously have to improve - that's what we're going to do this upcoming week in practice. That's what you do every week - you break down the film, you look at the plays you didn't do too well in and you try to go after those plays."


(On his reflection)
"We really just reminisced on the season and how hard we had to work to get to this point and really just enjoying it."

(On if Bill Belichick re-emphasized the importance of using two weeks for preparation)
"Yeah, of course. You're preparing for the Super Bowl so your preparation is everything and the time off that you get in the midst of the chaos is going to be important. It's my first time and it's the first for a lot of guys but really just being smart with your decisions. When you have that time off, you watch extra film, studying things that you need to study whether it's practice or whatever it is. It's great but we're going to enjoy it. It's our once in a lifetime opportunity that you have to play this game and we're definitely going to enjoy it."

(On how much the veteran players with Super Bowl experience help)
"Matt [Light] said it best after the game last night, 'This feels good, but there is a great joy out there that we can experience.' We have one more left to do that and guys understand that. We're close but we're not there yet and still have to work towards it."

(On if the reality has set in that the team is going to the Super Bowl)
"It really has and it's an amazing feeling, definitely blessed and happy to be a part of this team and happy to have worked to have gotten to this point."

(On Sterling Moore's performance)
"That guy right there I can't say enough about him. He played phenomenal down there at the end. When you think about it, that play is our season. That's everything we worked for right there and he knocks that ball out of the Lee Evans' hands and comes back again and makes another play on third down. He played amazing, can't say enough about that guy, phenomenal play."

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