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Patriots Locker Room Quotes - 1/9/2014

Patriots players address the media in the locker room on Thursday, January 9, 2014.


(On facing the team that drafted him)
"Like I said before, it's just another game. I obviously look forward to seeing some of the guys and had some great friendships there. It's a great organization, great football team, so it's going to be a tough game."

(On if he still has good memories of playing with the Colts)
"Of the team? Oh yeah. Yeah, those are bonds that you really can't forget. It was a special time, but my only focus right now is on getting the W."

(On if he sees his role increasing this week with Aaron Dobson missing practice today)
"That's up to the coaches. We'll see when we get out there."

(On if the success of the running game has taken some burden off Tom Brady and the passing game)
"Any time you can get the running game going, it's always going to be easier for the entire offense. Same with the passing game. It keeps the defense guessing, keeps them on their toes, so if you've got all aspects of the offense working I think that'll help out the other aspect."

(On playing with Tom Brady)
"It's what you'd think. He's a hard worker. It's not a coincidence that he's one of the best that's ever played. He kind of just has the same attitude as Peyton [Manning] that, every day, not to go through the motions but to get better and take leadership of the team and expect greatness out of everybody, not just on game day but in practice as well."

(On the differences between Tom Brady and Peyton Manning)
"I've got to be honest with you, I'm just happy to be here, happy to work with him. As far as comparisons, I haven't been here long enough to kind of draw all those conclusions."

(On if this week feels different because it's the playoffs)
"Playoffs, you definitely turn it up a notch. This is playoff football, [it] definitely has a different vibe to it, and I think you get the sense of that around here from the coaching staff and from the players. I definitely think there's – you have to ramp it up a little bit. It's a different season once you get to the postseason."

(On if this season has been a roller coaster ride)
"Yeah. But it's what's expected when you're not on a team in an offseason and coming off of a major injury. Right now I'm just trying to survive and trying to help this team out."

(On if it's hard to keep emotion out of playing the Colts)
"Not really. This is the team I'm on now, that's all I'm concerned about. Like I said, just being mentally prepared so when the ball comes my way, I'll catch it."

(On how comfortable he feels with the Patriots)
"Pretty comfortable. This is a great group of guys, guys that are really mature, know how to work. Like Indy, there's definitely a different vibe to this place. Everybody carries the attitude of winning, just because that's what's expected. That's kind of the attitude that's taken day in and day out, and whatever you do, it's how to get better and how to help this team win, and it's expected."



(On how each running back and their different styles of play helps out the offense)
"Oh yeah, definitely. Shane [Vereen] brings something different, Brandon [Bolden] brings something different, Stevan [Ridley] brings something different, I bring something different, so with all of us in the backfield and a couple of us being spread out wide, going to receiver and going into motion and stuff like that, there's countless things you can do with it."

(On if Tom Brady appreciates the recent success of the running game)
"I feel like Tom is a ballplayer. He's won Super Bowls, so I feel like he's always going to want the ball in his hands and make something happen. Look at the New Orleans game. He's always going to want the ball in his hands – that just goes for an athlete in general. It's just the competitiveness of the game."

(On if this is business as usual even though it's the playoffs)
"They playoffs are – this is my first rodeo. This is my first postseason, so I'm going to approach it a lot differently than most people, because this is win or go home, rather than the regular season where you win and you get another chance next week. This is win or go home, so I feel like everybody's supposed to approach it a lot differently."

(On what it means to him to finally be in the postseason)
"It means a lot. I want to stay in the postseason."

(On what the offense does differently when the conditions are wet)
"It's kind of up to the offensive coordinator. It's kind of up to Josh [McDaniels]. Whatever is working for us. I don't feel like he plans anything like, 'Hey, well if it rains we're going to do this.' I just feel like whatever is working at the time, that's what he's going to go with. That's all part of the game plan and what is working for us at the time."

(On what he specifically does differently when it's raining)
"I just try to be more cautious with the football, keep the football secure, and I'm not too worried about my footing. There's nothing you can really do about it, you know? If there's puddles out there, then you've just got to know how to put your foot in the ground and you have to change cleats, whatever it is you have to do, just make sure that you keep your feet up under you."


(On how he is feeling about the game plan with the game only a couple days away)
"It's been a good week of preparation so far. We'll continue to get better throughout the week and give ourselves an edge on Sunday and try to win."

(On how excited he is to get back out on the field after the bye week)
"Yeah, the bye week is great for our bodies. Obviously we want to be out there playing, but it helped us out and we're feeling good."

(On his teammates having a lot of playoff experience and whether he thinks the game will feel any different for him)
"I'm ready. I'm ready to get going. It's playoff time, you know?"

(On whether he was expecting he would be playing in the playoffs when he signed with the Patriots)
"We have a goal at the beginning of the year to makes the playoffs, wherever you are. You work just as hard throughout the year. We put a lot of hard work in this year – overcame a lot of obstacles and adversity. So, we're all ready to go and we're all excited."

(On whether it feels different because now the games are one and done)
"Yeah, I mean the playoffs are different. Just like with preseason games and then regular season games. I can't speak for playoff games. It's been live so far, so I'm ready to get out there and start playing."

(On whether the season has played out the way he thought it would)
"I've learned – the first thing when I came to the NFL, you never know how the season is going to go. If you have an idea it's probably going to go a different way. So, you just have to keep working and keep trying to get better every day. That's all you can try to do."

(On whether Josh McDaniels addressed if he was going to stay in New England long-term)
"We don't talk about that stuff."

(On how much it has helped being able to learn different spots in the receiving corps with guys being injured)
"We had some young guys come in this year and step up and then some veteran guys even move through and play different positions like you said. So, it's just about everybody getting that experience, and we're in the playoffs now, so everybody is amping up and getting ready to play."

(On whether it has been difficult to grasp the different receiver positions)
"I mean, it's all football at the end of the day. So, you just have to get out there and know your assignment and play hard."

(On whether he is glad that Josh McDaniels is remaining with the team as someone who was with him both in St. Louis and here)
"Josh is a great coach. He gets his players really amped up and they play really hard for him. I'm really glad I got to play with him before I came here and really excited to play with him here. He's a great coach."

(On how much he thinks playing at home will be an advantage for the Patriots)
"I think it's an advantage. Anytime you play at home with the crowd noise and familiarity with just coming up here every day and playing. At the same time, we're still playing a great opponent and trying to get a win."

(On how his chemistry with Tom Brady has developed from the beginning of the season)
"It's ongoing. You know, that's why we practice every day. It will get better with time and with experience together. So, we're working."

(On whether he is happy with the chemistry between him and Tom Brady)
"I mean, I'm optimistic about everything. I feel like we had a good day today, and we'll try to have a good day tomorrow."


(On being an interesting game for him personally)
"Yeah, I lived in Indianapolis for a little bit. My family still resides there. It's another game, a big playoff game, so I'm going to treat it as such."

(On whether he has Colts fans in his family)
"A little bit now. When you're in Indy you kind of grow into being a Colts fan. You have no choice."

(On the year that he's had)
"Yeah I was with a couple teams before here, but now that I'm here I'm in great position. I'm very blessed and I'm glad to have the opportunities that I had to take advantage of. Now we're at this point, and playoff time is a big time for the team and we have nothing but just to look forward to playing the Colts."

(On how big Andrew Luck is compared to other NFL quarterbacks)
"I mean stature wise he's a pretty big guy. He's athletic – he can obviously throw the ball. He's a great player. He brings a lot of attributes to the game. He's definitely a guy that we have to stop."

(On the best part about the Colts offense)
"They have so many weapons. Not only do you have Andrew Luck, but you have the running backs –Donald Brown and Trent Richardson – that can run the ball and then he has so many weapons to throw it to. So, I mean there's just a lot of ways; they're really well rounded. It's always tough when you have a team that can run and pass the ball."

(On whether he expects them to try and run the ball this week)
"Yeah, I mean definitely. A team tries to have a balance within their offense. I think they are going to try and work the run and the pass. The more you can balance up your attack the better you are."

(On how much it means to him to be preparing to play in the playoffs with the possibility of a ring at the end)
"I'm excited. This whole season I told myself I just have to keep getting better and not let up. Now that this point has come I'm very fortunate to be in the playoffs my first year. So, I'm very fortunate and very blessed. I'm excited."

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