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Patriots Locker Room Quotes - 12/20/2013

New England Patriots players address the media inside the locker room at Gillette Stadium on Friday, December 20, 2013.


(On playing against his brother, Ravens defensive end Arthur Jones)
"It'll be exciting, having that opportunity to play against the Ravens and my brother. But our biggest goal is to go out there and execute and get a win."

(On if he and his brother trash-talk at all during the week)
"I haven't spoken to him this week, actually. We do talk every once in a while, but this week I haven't had the chance to talk to him."

(On what he has seen from Joe Flacco in the second half of the season)
"Joe Flacco, he has a very strong arm. Our job is to get after him. He's a little bit mobile, but he has a very strong arm, so we have to stop him from making big plays with his arm."

(On how important it is to make Flacco uncomfortable in the pocket)
"I feel like that's definitely every week. Every week you want to make the quarterback [feel uncomfortable], not just Joe Flacco, but every quarterback. I feel like a lot of teams in the NFL are quarterback-driven. That's an obvious statement, but Joe Flacco is a good quarterback, and for us to stop the Ravens, we have to stop him."

(On if he sees Flacco's ability to stay poised and step up in the pocket)
"Yeah, and I feel like that's personally – I put that on me, on my shoulders. It's my job personally to get after him. Being one of the pass rushers on this team, I kind of put stress on myself to get after him, and that's what we'll try to do this week."

(On what he sees from Ray Rice)
"Ray Rice is a good player as well. He runs the ball well, he's very strong, they use him in the passing game, so you just have to be alert for players like that. He's another player that can take the ball the distance whenever. So our job is just containing them as well."

(On if the height difference between him and Ray Rice presents any challenges when tackling)
"Just break down. Just break down and contain him. For someone with my range and how tall I am, it's definitely very key for me to stay low and to keep my weight and my balance down, so that'll definitely have to be key in breaking down and getting a player like Ray Rice."


(On the Ravens offensive improvement from the first half of the season until now)
"All three phases of the game they've really just wrapped it up and improved throughout the season, [from what] I see. You know, them on offense especially, I think that [Joe] Flacco is really finding his main targets, but utilizing everybody pretty evenly."

(On whether the Ravens are a team you have to keep an eye on throughout the season because you know they will be in the playoff hunt at the end of the season)
"Yeah, you always kind of keep an eye on the back shoulder of the Ravens and a few other teams out there, because down the line there are always a few teams that are around for the playoffs, especially them. Ever since [Head Coach John] Harbaugh has been there I believe they've won a playoff game ever since. You always just keep teams like that in the back of your eye and kind of just keep an eye on them."

(On whether he thinks Flacco's knee injury will affect how he plays on Sunday)
"I don't plan for that. I bet he'll be just fine."

(On whether Ray Rice's low center of gravity is as big of a deal as the media paints it to be)
"You know, it is what it is. He's [lower] but he's powerful and he can hide behind those linemen somewhat. So, he takes advantage of that and he kind of uses it as his own advantage really."

(On it looking like Ray Rice has been running the ball with more authority lately)

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