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Patriots Locker Room Quotes

Patriots tight end Benjamin Watson dicusses the upcoming Sunday divisional matchup with the Dolphins during media access at Gillette Stadium on Thursday, December 3, 2009.

Benjamin Watson, Tight End
(On attacking the Dolphins defense)
"[We have to do] a little bit of what we did last time. I thought last time we were able to move the ball pretty well and spread them out. Obviously, their defense, they do a lot to stop the run. Hopefully, you can space them out in the passing game, creating some different matchups."

(On whether the Dolphins will mimic the Saints defense)
"The Saints weren't one of the first [teams] to double both Randy [Moss] and Wes [Welker], and they won't be the last. It's something that we've faced before. Going forward, as always it's important for everybody to work to get open - running backs, tight ends, all the receivers - and get the running game going."

(On whether an effective short-passing game can substitute for a running game)
"I mean, in ways, it can. The short passing game does do a lot for the running game. You have to be able to run the ball. Running the ball is important, not just for moving the ball, but when you talk about clock management and being a physical football team, which is what we try to do. Running the ball is always important."

(On where the team stands at this point in the season)
"Looking at our record, depending on what you define what you were, talking about championship years - obviously, we're not at that point yet. If you're talking about last year, we're on track. But each year is different. We still feel like we're a good football team. We feel like our record shows that there's a lot of room for improvement. Coming off the weeks that we've lost games, that's been our goal - to improve each week. We'd definitely be the first to say that - as a team - we need to improve.

(On the team's familiarity with playing in Miami)
"We are familiar with playing Miami, but it's still a road game. That's something that we haven't done very well - winning on the road. We won the one game in London, but it wasn't the hostile environment like going to someone's home turf. That's another point of emphasis - that's getting a win on the road, because we're not going to be able to get where we want to get if we don't."

(On the challenges of winning on the road)
"We've played some very good teams, teams that we though we could've beaten, but they were better than us. They came out and played better than we did. The only thing you can say is just to execute. There's no magic formula or anything like that. There's no excuse we can give for not winning on the road, except that the teams that we've played have played better than we have."

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