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Patriots players give special shoutouts on World Teachers' Day

New England Patriots players gave a special thanks to the influential educators who shaped their lives in honor of World Teachers' Day.

Uche on Teachers

With teaching comes great responsibility.

It can be a thankless job, and after the global pandemic, it might be as difficult as ever. Although educators across the world may not realize the impact they have, their guidance and support can stay with their students for the rest of their lives.

In honor of World Teacher's Day on Wednesday, players on the New England Patriots took the time to recognize and celebrate the special teachers who helped shape them into the men they are today.

Damien Harris

Lindsay Caudill. She was my yearbook teacher and I took yearbook all four years. She was most influential to me just because of her positive attitude every day. Every day I walked in the classroom she had a smile on her face and she was genuinely excited to teach us, to help us grow as kids and mature, and just that mentality of always having a smile on her face -- it brightened my day. I still keep in contact with her to this day. She definitely did a number on me growing up, helping me mature, so I'm definitely thankful for her.

Cody Davis

I'm going to go with my mom, Cindy Davis. I didn't have her in high school but obviously a big influence growing up. She taught math, but taught me to be in my studies, be a good student, and give everything I have on and off the field. She really set me up for success in the classroom and on the football field.

Josh Uche

Pedro Marti. I was in 11thand 12thgrade. He was influential to me because he was more than just a teacher, more than just a coach. He was kind of like another father for me. He did a lot for me and he still does to this day.

Lil'Jordan Humphrey

Jacob Webb. He was my middle school head football coach. He taught me a lot about the game of football and just life in general. He changed my attitude and my outlook on life and everything. I think he was one of the most influential teachers in my life.

Jakobi Meyers

My 11thgrade teacher, may he rest in peace, Mr. (Henry) Joyner. I honestly couldn't even tell you what he taught, but I know that he taught a lot of us young men just how to be uplifters, how to love each other and be good men in society. Shoutout Mr. Joyner, I know he's looking down on us proudly.

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