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Patriots Post Game Quotes

Vinatieri: (on Walter) He’s a good punter, and I knew he could do it. He got his head back in it and did well.

(On Long Snapping)
I worked with all the guys so I felt real comfortable with everything, Everyone has their own style, you have got to work on your style, if you go and try and do what someone else is doing, then your going to have problems. I have done it since I was a kid, and I have been pretty successful so I have got a lot of confidence in what I am doing.

(On Today's Game)
That is our goal every week to at least get a couple of turnovers, it really increases our chances of winning when we get turnovers, that played a major part today, like I said we still have some work to do.

(On Troy Brown's return)
Huge, just from a leadership standpoint, we all know what Troy can do, but his leadership and work ethic, it really made me feel good, because I know he has been struggling with his leg the last four or five weeks and it is great to see him back. One of our leaders is back.

  • (On Offense)*
    They were huge for us, anytime we can make another team play from behind, it gives us some opportunity to do some different things on defense, give them some different looks and our offense kept us off the field. So (defensively) the guys were fresh.
    DAMIEN WOODY, Center/Guard

(On Today's Game Offensively and Troy Brown)
I think we did a pretty good job moving the ball against a pretty good defense, He is key, Troy is our playmaker, when you miss someone like that in your line-up, your offense is going to suffer somewhat, and having him back in the line-up itself, makes the guys feel better, and makes you want to compete even harder. To see him out there making plays and catching touchdown passes, it feels real good.

(On the Touchdown)
We practiced the play all week. It was a good play action and I got behind the linebackers and was able to score.
TY LAW, Cornerback

(On Next Step for the Patriots)
We got another step closer to were we wanted to be, but we still have games left, and they are big games, because they are division games so we cant have any let downs right now.

(On the Offense)
Very important, anytime you can count on the offense it makes you want to go out and get the ball back for them even more, that is our job, but when you know they are moving the ball you want to get them the ball back quick, we let them down on the first play of the game, they (Jacksonville) hit us for a long one, but we rebounded and started playing team defense.

TROY BROWN, Wide Receiver
(On coming back & first catch)
I was so happy and excited, I felt like I was out the whole season. I am still working on getting my timing back. It felt like forever since I have caught a ball in a game, I broke the ice a little bit and got going.

(On the weather)
This is my kind of game I've been here eleven years and I am used to the bad field, and bad weather this is the kind of situation I like to be in.

(On Branch going down)
When he went down I started sweating, I didn't think I was going to be playing that much (Punt Returns) I got a little winded down the stretch it is just one of those things and you have to be ready to play.

(On Touchdown)
Tom made a good read and I made a good move at the end of the route, Tom congratulated me and said 'Welcome back.'

He had a couple of 3 plus kicks inside the 20, he hit the ball pretty well, and I think his stats were good, especially with this these conditions (weather), I think he did a real nice job. There is nothing in this league that surprises me to be honest with you. It's all about winning games and I felt like that was the best chance to win, and he did a nice job to help us win today. Like I said, you just never know what's going to happen … and he's a good punter, and I knew he could do it. He got his head back in it and did well. Yeah, he does a real nice; he does a real nice job (as a holder) And with conditions like today, it's real good to have him in there.

(On not starting)
You have to ask coach Belichick what's he's thinking, I just play. I go in, when my number is called and I just want to give maximum effort. When I'm called, that's all I can do.

(On their game)
We definitely have things to work on, we have two games left, two big games, two division games. I mean hey we have something to prove, we know that. We have to go on the road and beat the Jets, which isn't going to be easy. And in December like I said, its hard to win games.

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