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Patriots Postgame Quotes - 10/5/2008

New England Patriots players comment on their 30-21 win over the San Francisco 49ers at Candlestick Park on Sunday, October 5, 2008.

QB Matt Cassel

Q: How did that first bomb to Randy Moss feel?

"It was an important part of the game. We were able to get on the board. It was a third and long situation. It was something that we had been practicing a lot during the week. We thought that we had an opportunity to do so and it got us back into the game, obviously, after somewhat of a slow start with the interception."

Q: How did you feel about the execution after previous problems?

"It was definitely better this week. We were putting the ball into the end zone like we needed to. It helped us in the end result."

Q: What about the comfort level after running this game?

"I just feel that week in and week out we continue to mature and play better. It's because of the defenses and how you kind of know where you want to go, and build chemistry with the players and receivers and running backs. Hopefully it'll continue to be a building block for me. I'm not saying that we're not going to stumble along the way somewhere but, at the same time, as a young guy that's only in his third start you've got to keep progressing."

Q: Can you talk about the long touchdown pass to Randy Moss?

"It was a big play of the game. We obviously started slow with the interception and to hit Randy down the field is something that we practiced during the week. He did what he does best."

Q: How does it feel knowing that Bill (Belichick) communicates with you the same way he did with Tom (Brady)?

"It feels great. I'm just happy we were able to execute and make the play. It all comes down to situations. It's situational football. Whether it be third down, in the red area, or fourth (down) in the red area. Those are the most important parts of the game and that's what we are always talking about. That's what we're always practicing."

RB Kevin Faulk

Q: Takes a good fake from the quarterback though doesn't it (regarding direct snap)?

"The quarterback, they said I'd get the ball and I'd catch it. Go from there."

Q: You got the ball back late with Rodney's (Harrison) interception with good field position. How important is it to get in the red zone when you guys have been so good?

"I think that is something that we've been working on for the past couple of weeks. We really wanted to improve on that and we just want to keep on continuing and build from that."

Q: The way you controlled the time of possession the first half was 20 (minutes) to 10 (minutes), I'm not sure what the final numbers were, but you guys made a real effort to control the clock. Can you discuss this?

"I think that was us just doing what we had to do to win the game. You don't realize why you plan for that in the game when you start to get the stats, but that's just trying to win the game no matter what it takes."

Q: It makes it a more enjoyable week out here doesn't it?

"Well, it's like always, a win only lasts a couple hours. It's time to go on to the next team. We are going to enjoy it right now before we go on to San Diego."

K Stephen Gostkowski

Q: How would you say the team performed in the first game coming out of the bye week?

"It always feels good when you win, especially after a loss. It's good for the whole team, the morale. Especially when you're on the road against a good team, it always feels good. You try to build on it and go to next week. "

Q: You nailed three field goals and all three of your extra points. How would you say you played today?

"Anytime you kick your kicks, you feel like you had a good day. The kickoff team did a good job of covering the kickoffs. We won, so overall – I always feel like I have a good game when we win."

WR Randy Moss

Q: You had a great deep pass for a touchdown early. Talk about that play.

"I think for the most part, I think that's just what we've been waiting on. To really open the offense up a little bit more and get the ball downfield to make other plays work. I just think that it's just a good thing that it happened and we connected. I think Josh (McDaniels), the offensive coordinator, was just talking about; we still have a lot of things to work on. For our off week, we emphasized – well, they emphasized on getting open, beating man coverage and being spaced in our offensive passing game. Being able to connect on that deep ball, I think it was good from an offensive standpoint because that's something that we've been missing in our repertoire the past couple weeks. It was a good thing."

Q: Did you guys spend a lot of time on that this week: the deep ball?

"I'm an 11-year vet. I don't know how much running they (are) going to want me to do. It was just overall execution. The coach called the play and he believed in us to make it happen. Cassel put it out there and all 11 (players) executed. It was a good, heads up team victory today. We got it done."

WR Wes Welker

Q: How do you think you played today coming off the bye?

"I think we played well. We gained some momentum and scored some points early and ran the ball well."

Q: What were some of the things they did out there to slow you guys down and how did you counter it?

"I think they ran the ball well, but our running helped because we had a good rush and we were able to pound away."

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