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Patriots Postgame Quotes - 12/10/2006

New England Patriots players Mike Vrabel, Tedy Bruschi, Heath Evans and Daniel Graham comment on the Patriots 21-0 loss.

LB Mike Vrabel

On not being able to make turnovers:"It was a tough day. We put a lot of work into it and come out there and not play our best; I thought we were competitive in the first half. We had trouble making plays in the second half. We put ourselves into this position and we need to get out of it and just play better. That's really the only thing we can do right now."

On big turnovers on the other side:"We've got to match the turnovers. If their defense gets three turnovers then we have to make turnovers. That's not going to happen every week. We're not going to get five turnovers, but we need to get a couple. We just have to stay competitive. Everybody's out there and everybody's trying. We just need to try and do a little better and understand everybody's got a job to do.

LB Tedy Bruschi

On not playing best football on the offense:"It's just alarming period when you lose a game it doesn't matter when it is. They played well. It's a good team over there-- the Miami Dolphins. It seems like they always pick it up this time of year. They turn it on late and it's always a great game between them and us. We'd like to make it more of a contest than this, I think it was 21 to 0, they were able to make plays that kept us off the scoreboard and kept the ball moving."

On the need to create turnovers:"We keep having penalties and keep turning the ball over like we did. We're talking more about making a big play. We're going to have to do something if we have multiple turnovers in a game. We've been able to match multiple turnovers in the games the last few weeks. If we have four, we create five or three and three, but we didn't create enough this week. If our offense struggles we have to step it up defensively and try to make some big plays like that but we didn't."

On the playing like this so late in the season-playoffs around the corner:"I don't care when it is if the playoffs are next week. We're not even talking about that right now. We have to fix things. We've been talking about it for weeks now and we still see it happening. You go back to work tomorrow. I'm not going to hang my head. I know we lost this game. I desperately wanted to win this one. All of us did. We've got another one coming up; we've got three more. Let's keep playing. Let's try to win a game. This week, I believe we play the Texans, so let's turn it around at home."

On Tom Brady and the pressure:"I'm not just focused on Tom out there. Tom's playing and doing the best he can, but so is the offensive line, running backs, tight ends, and receivers. I'm sure the whole offense feels the way Tom feels."

TE Daniel Graham

On what went wrong today:"We just didn't get off to a great start. Miami came in and beat us at every play."

On why was Brady taken out with 4 minutes left:"I don't know why, it was the coach's decision. Possibly to let someone else have a chance to play "

On the Dolphins defense:"We didn't put out our A game today. This is what happens when we don't come out and play."

What to do for the next couple of games:
"We have to work harder this week in practice, and next week we have to come out and play better than we did today."

On his personal playing today:
"I just have to do better, work harder in practice this week, and play a lot better in next week's game."

RB Heath Evans

On what went wrong today:
"Miami came up strong; their defense was everywhere. We didn't get our plays off, and couldn't convert in the red zone. "

On why was Brady taken out with 4 minutes left:
"I don't know why, that was coach's call. Probably to conserve his health; I mean, we were down 21-nothing."

On his personal playing today:
"Well, I just didn't play well. Obviously it's not about me, it's a team effort. And when you get shut out, you know there are more then a few things wrong that the team as a whole has to look at and improve on."

On Jason Taylor and Dolphins defense:
"Well, he's good; they're good. They piled on the pressure and we just didn't handle it well. We have some things apparently we have to work on this week in practice."

What to do for the next couple of games:
"Next week we have to come out and play better than we did today. Period. Getting shut out is never a good thing, especially in week 14, and the playoffs are in plain sight."

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