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Patriots Postgame Quotes

New England Patriots players comment on their 47-7 win over the Arizona Cardinals at Gillette Stadium on Sunday, December 21, 2008.

Junior Seau, Linebacker
(On getting out to a quick lead in such bad weather)
"The weather wasn't going to win us the game and we weren't going to take that. When we had the offense, defense, and special teams clicking, we knew we had a chance. We went out there and performed well."

(On coming out of retirement and playing in poor conditions)
"I didn't come out here to play in the snow. I came out here to help this team win and hopefully get somewhere else and we all know what we are shooting for."

(On if the Cardinals were playing at the highest level they could)
"We are all professionals and I am not going to disrespect what they do. All we control is what we do in this locker room. We went out there with a game plan, and we executed. We can look at the board and the game film and correct the things we didn't do and continue on."

(On if the Ravens winning last night put more pressure on them to win tonight)
"We don't control any of that. The only thing that was a guarantee was that we have one more game next week. We have seven days to be together and that's going to be important for us. We aren't going to take any teams for granted and we aren't going to be complacent. We are going to finish off what was guaranteed to us, which was one more game."

Stephen Gostkowski, Kicker
(On what he focuses on during the game)
"Most of the time with 30 to 40-yarders, its just finding a way to make it go straight every time. Consistency is what I strive for and what I'm worried about."

(On following in the footsteps of Adam Vinatieri)
"A lot of it is about opportunities and how many opportunities you get and Adam [Vinatieri] is one of the kickers that's taken advantage of almost every opportunity he's gotten and playing the same position, you try to do the same thing. You can only capitalize on the opportunities that you get and we've been fortunate to do it enough so far. Hopefully we'll get a couple of opportunities next week and be successful and hopefully get a chance to make it into the playoffs."

(On the hardest part of kicking in the snowy conditions)
"The hardest part was at the beginning when the snow clumped up, getting a good plant when the snow got bunched up on my cleats and just shaking it off, because I attack the ball pretty hard most of the time. The accumulation of the snow is probably the hardest part of it. It didn't feel that cold out there to me."

Mike Wright, Defensive Tackle
(On his ability to get to the quarterback)
"It felt really good because it's so hard to get the quarterback and actually get him on the ground when he still has the ball, especially with [Kurt] Warner, he gets the ball off whether you hit him or not."

(On other teams controlling the Patriots' playoff hopes)
"It's really on us, we can't just sit there and watch them, we have to worry about ourselves and try to play our way in."

Wes Welker, Wide Receiver
*(On if the snow angel was planned)
*"No. I think I just got a little bit too excited there, getting into the end zone. It wasn't anything that was planned. I do remember a game growing up when Dallas played and there was a punt return, I think by Kevin Williams, and I remember seeing him do a snow angel, so I think that was the same type of thing. I really didn't think that would be a penalty. I wouldn't have done it if that was the case."

(On the outcome of the game)
"We talk about it all the time. The defense gets a stop, followed by a punt return, getting in good field position and the offense takes over. We started off the game like that and we were really able to make that happen. It was a big part of the game plan."

(On the effect of the weather)
"It really wasn't too bad. It's just really focusing in and making sure that I'm securing the ball and getting up field from there."

Kevin Faulk, Running Back
*(On getting off to a good start)
*"Every week is the same thing. You want to start off fast as a team and try to get momentum going into the game, starting the game off and you just want to continue on going."

*(On the weather conditions)
*"No matter how tough it was you still have to be able to do your job in those conditions. At the same time [you] have to be smart and not try to do too much."

(On his touchdown)
"It was great blocking play by the guys. Coming off the line and blocking their guys, I just had to make a left cut and a right cut and there it is."

(On how the team feels about their play down the stretch)
"The only thing we can do is control us. That's the main thing that coach stressed to us was don't worry about everything else because the only thing we control is us. Nothing else matters.

Ellis Hobbs, Cornerback
(On getting off to a fast start)
"We definitely wanted to come out and lay it down on them real quick. [We were] thinking about the 2006 game, even though it was a preseason game, how we came out in that game. We watched that this week and just the emotion and intensity and we were physical with them. Anytime you have big guys like that, the receivers and things like that, you want to disrupt the timing especially with the weather conditions. We did a good job of that."

(On how frustrating it is to have to rely on other teams to get into the playoffs)
"You just try not to worry about it as much as possible. That's why you play 16 games in the regular season, so situations like this won't happen. Unfortunately we weren't taking care of business in the beginning, or taking care of business enough. That's just how it is but as long as we're out there doing our jobs, as long as I'm out there doing mine individually we can't argue with ourselves."

(On playing their best football in December)
"Most definitely - we're rolling the dice each weekend and we just keep hitting them. Now we need some other guys to crap out. November and December are always when you have to play your best ball. You think about when the season starts and how there are so many front runners and you think about all those teams that started out so well in the beginning and have fallen off at the end. You just have to take it for what it is and just keep playing ball and just hope for the best."

(On how the weather factored in)
"I always say when we go to other cities, you can always simulate heat but it's hard to simulate that cold. Ball conditions, weather conditions, stuff hitting you in the face, it's hard so we definitely use that to our advantage. "

Logan Mankins, Guard(On Patriots' success in the snow)
"I know that we're used to the weather. It's usually cold and we have to practice in it. It works well for what we did today: run the ball and throw short passes. You can do that in the snow."

(On taking over on offense with a short field frequently)
"That's nice. The first possession, we've started inside the 50-yard line, I think for the last two weeks. If you don't score a touchdown on those, you're in trouble."

Sammy Morris, Running Back
(On whether the Patriots receive enough credit as a rushing team)
"I don't think we're really focused on what we're getting credit for. We're trying to focus on winning the games. They can say whatever they want to say."

(On playing December football)
"In December, especially out here with the weather, you expect that there's going to be inclement weather. It's probably going to be the same thing in Buffalo, again. So the running game, for the most part, is going to be more of a factor. Matt [Cassel] still threw a lot of passes today. Again, as an offense, we do what we have to do to execute."

(On whether it's frustrating not being to control their playoff fate)
"I mean, to a certain degree. We understand that we kind of made our own bed and we have to lie in it now. Again, at the same time, we're not out of it. That's all we can do. We have to focus on what we have to do."

*(On the outcome of the game)
*"I think when you jump out on a team early, it limits what they can do, and really opens up what we can do. So jumping out early was good for us."

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