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Patriots Postgame Quotes

New England Patriots players comment on their 34-31 loss in overtime to the New York Jets at Gillette Stadium on Thursday, November 13, 2008.

Jabar Gaffney, Wide Receiver
(On Matt Cassel's play)
"Matt played a hell of a game tonight. He moved us up and down the field, we still left a couple points out there but that's part of football. We just have to come back and look at the tape and make sure we don't do that [and we] take advantage of every opportunity."

(On what coming back late in the fourth quarter does for the team's confidence in Matt Cassel)
"It's definitely a confidence booster. We were down and he brought us all the way back and we had a chance. We had a chance and that's all that you want. They took their chance in overtime and made the most of it."

(On what the team can take away from the game despite the loss)
"There's something there. There's always something you can take out of every game. That's probably what we can take out of this one [late game drive to tie the game]. I mean if we start a little bit faster maybe we're not down in that situation at the end so there's always good with the bad."

(On if there was a reason for the slow start)
"We just didn't come out and have it all going early. They came out on fire and took an early lead, 24-6 or whatever it was. We just rallied behind each other and fought back then they got the ball and did what they do in overtime."

Tedy Bruschi, Linebacker
(On how tough tonight's loss was)
"We dug ourselves in a little bit of a hole and we fought ourselves out of it. In overtime, I think defensively we couldn't make plays to get off the field. [On] third down they made some crucial third-down conversions and they made the [game-winning] kick."

(On what positives can be taken from tonight's game)
"I don't know how many victories we will take away from this. You can spin it anyway you want but it is still a divisional loss to the [New York] Jets. I don't think we will find any positives out of this one. We are just looking at it as a divisional loss and just getting ready for our next game."

(On playing without linebacker Adalius Thomas and defensive lineman Ty Warren tonight)
"That is the way it has been out there starting with Tom [Brady] at the beginning of the year. You have to deal with it. You have to deal with things even as the season rolls and rolls. Guys are going to get hurt and guys are going to get aches and pains. Whoever is asked to go out there and play has to get the job done. We don't look at it as who is not out there. We look at it as how do we have to have the guys play that are out there. That is the way we see things."

Sammy Morris, Running Back
(On Matt Cassel's performance)
"He played a great game. Matt is showing that he is a pretty good quarterback. He makes a lot of plays and has a lot of intensity and really sets up the offense. "

(On he felt during tonight's game)
"I felt alright, just a little bit rusty, but I will be good to go."

(On Moss's touchdown catch to tie the game)
"It was huge. It was a big play in the game and a great scramble by Cassel and put us into overtime."

Richard Seymour, Defensive End(On if the Patriots made any halftime adjustments)
"We just started playing better. Sometimes you just kind of feel the game out and before we knew it they were up. They got a kickoff return for a touchdown. They came out and were ready to go and we didn't make the plays we needed to early in the game and dug ourselves too much of a hole. But you've got to like the fact that the team dug its way out of the hole and how we left everything out on the field. But give credit to the Jets. They played a tough football game in a hostile environment on another team's turf. We both fought hard and, like I said, they made more plays than we did. It was a disappointing loss, but you look around this locker room and see the guys in here and you've got to have a lot of respect for your teammates for fighting the way that they did."

(On if losing such a closely fought game is tough to swallow)
"Yeah, obviously, over the past several years - other than the Super Bowl - we usually win those type of games. But you try to put yourself in a good position to - when it comes down to it - to make plays at the end of the game and play good situational football. I thought the offense did a great job, giving us an opportunity. And I thought [the defense] played good situational football also, giving [the offense] the ball at the end of the game. Defensively, we dug ourselves too much of a hole and when we really needed to stop them in overtime, we didn't make enough plays...But there's still a lot of football left. We'll take some time to rest up. Obviously some guys didn't play, so we'll get to get everyone healthy and try to go on this run here in the second half of the season."

James Sanders, Safety
(On defensive second-half adjustments)
"We went out there and we didn't execute early in the game, like we're capable of doing. We dug ourselves into a pretty hefty hole. We came out fighting in the second half and made our adjustments, but made a hole too big to dig out of."

(On Brett Favre's playmaking potential)
"With a guy like that, you always have to be on your toes. You have to expect the unexpected. It looked like he was trying to make some bad throws, but at the last second, he pulled it down and took the sack. We had some opportunities out there, but we didn't capitalize; they did."

(On pushing the game to overtime)
"To score on a play like that, you think that all your hard work throughout the 60 minutes is going to pay off in the end. We just came up a little bit short. It was disappointing, but we did some good things out there. We're going to come back to work, make some corrections and keep fighting. There are a lot of games to be played this season."

(On tight end Dustin Keller's play)
"He made a lot of critical third-down conversions, especially on that last drive. He made plays on that last drive and we didn't. That's the outcome today. "

(On moving forward after the loss)
"It's important. We've got to rest up, come back in this last stretch of games and come out with some 'W's.' We just need to continue to play hard, work on our corrections and just get better as a team."

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