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Patriots Postgame Quotes

New England Patriots players comment on their 20-10 win over the Buffalo Bills at Gillette Stadium on Sunday, November 9, 2008.

Kevin Faulk, Running Back
(On how it feels to get a division win)
"It feels real good, but at the same time we have to come back tomorrow and start working on the Jets. It's a quick turnaround so we'll celebrate this one for a little while and come back."

(On the play of the Patriots defense)
"The defense did a great job today. As a whole they held them. We just have to do a better job at scoring points to help the defense out. "

(On the Patriots' 9-minute fourth quarter drive)
"That was a really positive drive for us. That's something that we thrive on, that's something that we want to do in that situation."

(On BenJarvus Green-Ellis being ready to play despite being the team's fifth running back)
"It just lets you know what type of player he is, what type of competitor he is. You just have to go ahead, go about his business, work hard, continue because you never know what could happen during the course of season."

(On the Patriots' ability to plug in players and have success)
"That's just a credit to the scouting department. Knowing guys that will fit into this system and they come in and do what they have to do and [they're] ready when their number is called."

Mike Vrabel, Linebacker
(On the overall defensive performance)
"I think what is a little frustrating is that we fell asleep a little bit at the end. You've got a lot of defensive guys covering that kick and then we give up the touchdown. It was a little unfortunate to finish the game out like that. You hope it doesn't cost you down the road."

(On the defense shutting down the Bills running game)
"Both of guys can run the football and they got a lot of our attention this week. As did some of the other guys but certainly the running game. There's no quicker way to kill you than [Marshawn] Lynch or [Fred] Jackson."

(On how much time the team will take to enjoy the win)
"Probably about five or six hours and then it's time to get onto the Jets. I think from what I saw on the scoreboard they're doing pretty well today, too. It will be important for us to get in here and see who can come back on a short week and win another big division game."

(On how important the three-game stretch of division games is)
"We mentioned how important it was last week to come in here and get off to a good start and we did that. Now we'll take a look at the next game and that's the Jets. I think they'll probably be tied for first again so it'll be important."

(On what the defense did to get to Trent Edwards)
"I think the first one Richard [Seymour] just busted through the gap and guys were beating blockers. Guys were covering in the back and guys were rushing up front."

BenJarvus Green-Ellis, Running Back
(On getting the number of carries that he did)
"You never know. We're a game plan team, a personnel team. We just went out there and whatever worked we just stuck with it. I was happy to contribute and help us win today."

(On the confidence the coaches have in him)
"I don't even know how many times [I carried the ball], whatever they call I just run. Whether it's pass plays, blocking plays or running plays I just try to do whatever I can to help the team."

(On getting over 100 yards rushing)
"We got the 'W,' yeah of course it feels good. I just have to take my hat off to the offensive line, tackles, tight ends and fullbacks."

(On how far he has come this season)
"I just take it one day at a time and go out there and work hard every day. [I] put one foot in front of the other and just try to go out there and do my job to the best of my ability."

(On the other running backs helping him)
"They've been a big help to me, Kevin [Faulk] and Heath [Evans], LaMont [Jordan] and Laurence [Maroney], everybody. Even though Laurence is on IR or whatnot, everybody has been helping me with different things. Kevin's [helped me] with blitz pick up and things like that. You guys see the things he does, catching the ball out of the backfield, everyone has been helping me along the way. We just have fun as a running back unit, we uplift each other."

(On some of the things the other backs have taught him)
"Noticing where the safeties are, if you are going to have a blitz, if you're not going to have a blitz, pre-snap reads and it makes the game go a lot faster for me. I don't have to do a lot of thinking I just react and play.

Heath Evans, Fullback
*(On BenJarvus Green-Ellis' performance)
*"[He's] 'Mr. Humility,' that's what we love about him. He fits in so well here. He is a guy who just comes to work hard and he is so smart for a young guy. You rarely see that."

*(On how important the fourth quarter drive was)
*"It's huge. I love seeing the offensive line get an opportunity to pound people. We constantly spread people out because it's the best thing for us, but when we hunker down at the end of the game and put together 20-play drives, that doesn't happen too often in this league."

*(On how the Patriots can plug in players and see success)
*"There are a lot of good players in this league, but I firmly believe that our coaching staff is special and I always go back there and it's not lip service, it's the truth, you know when you are coached well and prepared. When you are prepared it's often easy to perform."

*(On how to handle the quick turnaround this week)
*"This week is going to be mental game because we know them and they know us. There is always some wrinkle in their game plan but it will be a physical dog fight and I'm glad we are home."

Tedy Bruschi, Linebacker
*(On the importance of today's win)
*"It's getting down to crunch time now. It's mid November and it's a race for the AFC East title. This is the way the rest of the games are going to be. They are going to go down to the fourth quarter. The Jets, Bills, Dolphins, and everyone else are tough and it's going to be like this from here on out."

(On the offense's last drive)
"They were pounding and running the ball, along with situational football like we are always proud of on the goal line. Such as being able to run the clock out, but when we want to put the ball in the end zone, we are able to do it. They were running it to the left behind Logan Mankins and Matt Light, and we are feeling really comfortable running it behind those guys. The rest of our offensive line does a great job for us and it was nice to finish that drive with a touchdown."

*(On Trent Edwards being uneasy in the pocket)
*"We got to him actually. There have been games when we have put pressure on quarterbacks but not finishing the pass rush with sacks. Today we got some key sacks and it set the tone for us the rest of the game."

Ellis Hobbs III, Cornerback
*(On the team's performance today)
*"We played the game the way we wanted to play it on defense. Reading the quarterback, breaking on the ball…we made some good breaks today and we took advantage of some stuff. Definitely [played well] on offense by controlling the clock and just doing what we needed to do to win the game."

*(On preventing the Bills from any big plays)
*"It speaks for itself. When you don't allow big plays, it definitely keeps the control of the game in your favor as well as the momentum. When you allow big plays, it is hard to stop everything else."

*(On if winning close games is more gratifying than winning by large margins)
*"I think so because it keeps us on our toes. We go out and when we do get in situations like this then we can never say during the season that we haven't been in them [before]. We know how to prepare and adjust on the fly. We know how to handle the pressure."

*(On how this performance compares to the team's previous wins)
*"I think it was solid. I think it speaks volumes that when we execute our game plan, do what we want to do on the field and are hitting on all cylinders then we can go out and we can play against these teams pretty well."

Richard Seymour, Defensive Lineman
*(On the team's mindset heading into today's game)
*"We knew it was a big game and we wanted to start it out fast. It is a division game and these next several games will be big for us. I thought it was important for us to get off to a good start. I thought the offense did a good job. We got off the field on third down. Throughout the week coach [Bill] Belichick said basically we needed our best players to step up and make some plays for us. I just wanted to come out and try to contribute and get off to a fast start. We did that so it was good."

*(On his sack on quarterback Trent Edwards in the first drive of the game)
*"I just tried to get off the ball. That is always an advantage when you can get off the ball before the offensive lineman does. It doesn't always happen that way but at least that is how you try to draw it up."

*(On what he thinks was the best thing the defense did in today's game)
*"Well I am not sure [how many] rushing yards but I don't think the running game was too much of a factor. I think that is one of their strengths is obviously running the ball. I will have to go back and watch the film but I didn't feel in the game like they were running the ball down our throat. I felt we did a pretty good job against the run. Offensively in the second half, hats off to those guys. I don't think we anticipated a 20-play drive or something like that. Anytime the offense can take the ball like that in the second half and really kind of drive it down their throat by run, pass and mixing it up. It is always your best defense to keep their offense off the field. Hats off to those guys. It was a big win for us. It was a divisional game and it was a fight for first place. We wanted to come out and establish what we try to do defensively. Early on in the week, coach [Bill] Belichick said he needed his best players to step up and make some plays for this team."

James Sanders, Safety
*(On what he thought the defense did best on Sunday)
*"Being physical. Whether it was in the running game or in the passing game, we were a very physical team, a very physical defense. We beat up the receivers and, for the most part, stopped the running game."

*(On keeping the Bills out of the end zone for most of the game)
*"Our offense was moving the ball well and it was a really tight game, field goals here and there. We were going out there and doing our job defensively, stopping [the Bills] however many times we had to stop them, and we did a good job defensively today."

*(On how the defense appreciated the offense eating up the clock in the fourth quarter)
*"Yeah, we were over there loving it. They took about ten minutes off the game clock and for us to sit there, get fresh, and rest up, it was key.

Wes Welker, Wide Receiver
*(On the performance of BenJarvus Green-Ellis)
*"He's been doing a great job of just getting downfield and getting positive plays for us and reading the play out. He's got a lot more patience and he's been playing really well for us, so we're excited about how he's been coming along."

(On the importance of Sunday's win)
"This is a big win. It was for first place in the division for now and we've got a big one this next week on Thursday night coming up pretty quick. So we have to be ready to go."

*(On the Patriots' sustained drive in the fourth quarter)
*"Any time you can finish out the game on offense it's huge, especially when you've got that much time left in the fourth quarter [when the drive started]."

*(On if the Patriots coming out passing early in the game reflects a high confidence level in Matt Cassel)
*"Yeah, he's done a great job. We wanted to come out and play well from the get-go and on that first drive we were able to do that. We just have to keep that going, keep that energy going, and make sure that every time we step out there we're trying to finish drives."

(On what he was thinking during Cassel's touchdown run)
"At the time, I was thinking, 'I beat my man, why didn't you throw it to me? [laughter] But then I saw him in the end zone and all was forgotten."

Logan Mankins, Guard
*(On wearing down the Bills' defensive line)
*"They get tired as the game goes on. You just keep leaning on them and pushing them and finishing your blocks and they're going to get worn down. Eventually you're going to have the edge."

(On Matt Cassel's scrambling ability)
"He's doing a good job on that. Any time they're trying to cover everyone and their defensive line is running up the field, we're pushing them by. He feels the opening and he's taking the yards."

(On Cassel's improvement)
"He was criticized greatly. I would rather have Matt than about 99 percent of the quarterbacks in the league. That's my opinion. He's playing great and we're winning games with him and he's doing everything that's asked of him. He's seeing the game and making plays."

(On BenJarvus Green-Ellis)
"He's been a good runner for us the last few weeks and today's another example. I'm not sure, I think he had over 100 yards. That's good for a rookie to get over 100 yards. He came in and he stepped up and did a great job."

David Thomas, Tight End
(On the win over Buffalo)
"Every week we're trying to win the game. It was a great job of everybody on the offense, just playing a complete game and a team game and working together and fighting to the end. "

(On the red zone offense)
"We still have a lot to improve on, especially in the red area. Field goals are points, but we need to continue to get better punching those in and getting touchdowns. We made some progress today and it feels good to get a win, especially a division win."

*(On the 19-play fourth quarter drive)
*"It just kind of happens. In that situation you're just out there trying to win the game, keep running the clock and make sure you get points at the end out it. We were able to do that and it was a big drive for us."

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