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Patriots Postgame Quotes

New England Patriots players comment on their 26-10 win over the Atlanta Falcons at Gillette Stadium on Sunday, September 27, 2009.

Brandon McGowan, Safety
(On his forced fumble)

"I wouldn't have done it without my teammates. They held those guys up at the line and gave me a free shot to hit the running back and that's what I did."

(On if the defense's plan was to be physical with Tony Gonzalez in the red zone)

"The plan was for him to not have any catches and he had one, so obviously the plan failed (laughter)."

Chris Baker, Tight End
(On how important it is for the offense to be balanced in every phase of the game)

"We're still developing as a team. There are a lot of new faces in the locker room and things like that. So we're still developing and we still have a pretty explosive offense, but we're still missing a few things that we shouldn't be. We just have to piece them together and start putting more points on the board."

(On his touchdown catch)

"I just kind of improvised on the route. I went out to the flat and saw Tom [Brady] still had the ball, so I just turned it up and he found me down the sideline and I made the play."

(On how exhilarating it was to get a touchdown)

"It was great, it was great. We wanted to really push the game out of reach. That's what we're trying to do on those last two drives. To get the touchdown and put it out of reach, that was big for us."

(On if he knew that his touchdown was Tom Brady's 200th career touchdown pass)

"No. I didn't know that. I keep all my touchdown balls, so we'll have to talk about that one (laughs). But that's good to know, I didn't know that."

(On Randy Moss' performance)

"He made some amazing catches out there and he does it all the time. That's why he is who he is, a Hall of Fame receiver. He made some big plays for us out there, and he's a big reason why we won today."

(On how important it was for Randy Moss to play today)

"It was huge just from a confidence standpoint, for us to have one of our big guns out there. Obviously he's a great player and he came out and sucked it up. He had a lot of catches for us, including that fourth down catch on the sideline. He picked up a lot of first downs for us and was a big reason why we moved the ball."

Terrence Wheatley, Cornerback(On being successful on defense today)

"Total team effort, we just have to go out there on defense and execute and we did that. We didn't blow any coverages, we played physical, we played hard and just did our assignments and that's what you get when you play smart football."

(On shutting down Falcons TE Tony Gonzalez)

"Again just following the game plan. We had a game plan, we didn't want to come in on Monday and talk about Tony the whole time, so we were just going to force other people to beat us and again we just executed on defense and it ended with a victory."

(On the defense stepping up after Vince Wilfork went down with an injury)

"Yeah, definitely, when you have one of your leaders go down, no matter who they are: offense, defense, special teams, whatever you have to step up your individual play and carry the load so we did that on defense."

Stephen Neal, Offensive Line(On if the team established a rhythm today that they did not have last week)

"I don't know what you want to call it, but they called the plays and we just went out there and executed it. Maybe the 11 guys were more on the same page this week then they were last week but we will just have to look at the film. We can always improve. "

(On if he noticed Tom Brady being more emotional then he has in the past games)

"There is a lot of emotions out there and the bottom line is that we are trying to win the game and set up the defense. The special teams tries to set us up so everybody is playing together. When you can't do as well as you would like then people will get frustrated."

(On the offense going for it on 4th down two times in the game)

"That's the head coach's call and if you let him down then it probably isn't going to happen anymore. We are real thankful that he gave us the opportunity and we are even more thankful that we were able to execute."

Dan Koppen, Offensive Line
(On today's game)

"It was going good today. We had a good mix. When we came in early this week and looked at the game plan a lot of players got really excited. We were able to run the ball and that helps to set up the rest of the offense. It was a good day."

(On how Tom Brady did not get hit a lot this game)

"It is a different style of defense compared to the Jets and it is what it is. You still have to go out there and block for him and the guys really took that to heart today and tried to do the right thing and be on the same page."

(On if the communication was a lot better this week than last week)

"Yeah it was. It's a lot different playing on the road. When we play at home everyone is here and on the same page."

Leigh Bodden, Cornerback(On if the secondary is building chemistry)

"We are; definitely. Since week one we have put it together. Everyone was skeptical about the defensive backfield but I think we have been doing a great job and consistently been playing well. We just need to keep moving forward and watch the film and get better from it."

(On if today's win over a high-powered offense was a confidence booster for the defense)

"It definitely boosts our confidence. We have confidence in the defense anyways but to hold an offense like this to 10 points is definitely a confidence booster. We have to put it past us and look on to next week."

(On if the defense had to rally together when Vince Wilfork got hurt)

"I think we have a great defense as a whole. The backups are pretty much starters and in any situation there is someone who can step in and fill the void. That's a good job that Bill does to get players who can fill those roles."

Kevin Faulk, Running Back(On the team's performance in the red zone)

"You always want to score seven points when you get in the red zone, but we scored three [several times]. I think it's always good to go over your mistakes with a 'W' instead of a loss."

(On Fred Taylor's performance and running after contact)

"As a running back, as a running back coach or just as a coach in general, you always talk to your running backs about yards after contact. And today, Fred Taylor showed how important it is to get yards after contact...and why he's Fred Taylor."

Mike Wright, Defensive Lineman(On the injuries the defensive line has incurred)

"There's a lot of depth on the defensive line, especially with Myron [Pryor] stepping in and Ron [Brace] stepping in. but hopefully, we'll have Vince [Wilfork] back as soon as possible."

Pierre Woods, Linebacker(On the defense's performance after losing Vince Wilfork)

"Everybody has something to do, and a role on this team. Whatever you're asked to do, you have to do it to the best of your abilities. Things happen, and you don't ever want anybody to go down, but you have to go out there and try to play hard for each other. Once one of your brothers goes down, you have to play even harder."

Shawn Springs, Cornerback(On improving week-to-week)

"One week you might be playing special teams, one week it might be offense. We've all got to just put it all together. Everyone's got to pick it up."

(On the defense's play in spite of injuries)

"I think they played extremely well, those guys that came in replacing those other guys ... That's what our team is all about. We have depth at a lot of positions, so that if one guy goes down, then another guy can pick it up."

Sammy Morris, Running Back(On the fourth down conversion in the third quarter)

"It's something we have to do. We've lacked consistency, especially in short yardage concerns. We know what kind of group we have, we just weren't executing like we were capable of doing."

(On the play of the offense)

"We were able to play from ahead and manage our offense a little better and come at it a couple of different ways. It was a great job by our offense to keep playing consistently."

(On Tom Brady's emotions during the game)

"Tom's always like that. He's a high-energy player and you expect no less of him. We all were frustrated, we left a lot of yards out there and a lot of points out there. We still need to get there in the red zone. Even though we won, that's what we're focused on. We got the victory and we'll go from here."

Logan Mankins, Guard
(On the offense's time of possession)

"It feels good. I'm not sure what the ratio was, but we had the ball more than they did and it worked out. We chewed up the clock, moved the ball up and down the field and scored points."

(On the team's offensive rhythm)

"It's never easy. I'm pretty tired right now. I think the guys played good together, the running backs ran hard, Tommy [Brady] was throwing and made good throws. The whole offense together played a good game and you can't say enough about the defense, only giving up 10 points."

Myron Pryor, Defensive Lineman(On his play today)

"I think I did alright, coming back from missing a lot of days. All I can do is keep working, working out and working hard and I think I'll be OK."

(On Vince Wilfork's injury)

"It's reality, but I was ready to step in and he congratulated me after the game and told me 'good job.' I felt like I did well out there. It took a couple plays to get back in the mix. I really had to step back, as far as tempo. At first, I was kind of nervous, but after awhile, I just settled in and mentally, everything went smoothly. "

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