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Patriots Postgame Quotes

New England Patriots players comment on their 35-7 win over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Wembley Stadium in London on Sunday, October 25, 2009.


*On WR Wes Welker *
He's all right. He's all right. I'll tell you, he needs to leave if I'm going to anyway, he's a great player. He does everything right out there. He's always in the right spot. He gets open versus any coverage on any route. He and Randy and the way Aik played today, they all stepped up and made some great plays. So we needed it.

*On the Wembley fans *
Well, hopefully they enjoyed it. There were some good plays out there by us. It wasn't as close a game as they've had in some of the past years, but happy we came out with the win. We came over here hoping to get a victory, and we did that. So it's nice going into a bye with a couple of victories under our belt, and it will be a fun flight home tomorrow.

*On coming to London again
*I'm all for it. I'm all for it. If we can guarantee in that bye in week eight, I'd love that, too. So it was a fun experience for all of us, to think we all took something different out of it. You don't get this opportunity too often, and I think all the guys really enjoyed it. All the flashbulbs were going out there before kickoff and everybody seemed excited. The went on for about 10 minutes, which you don't see that in the States too often. They seemed excited for the fans here. I think it's a privilege for the players to come over here and get to enjoy this type of experience. So, like I said, it probably will never happen again for us, so we'll retire 1 0 internationally.

*On WR Brandon Tate *
He did good. It's pretty tough to do without practicing at all for all through training camp, the first six weeks of the year, and come out there, return kicks like he did. He had a nice play on a reverse. Every week he's going to get better. We need depth at that position and he's going to be called upon as a contributor even though he's a rookie. So he's got to keep making improvements.

On offensive success
I'd love to go out there and play my best every time out for my teammates, for my coaches and the fans certainly. But I think what we did today was it was good enough. And we had a goal coming over here and there was certainly plenty of distractions for us, but to get the win and then to fly home and have a little bit of time off, I think we'll all reflect on the last seven weeks and hopefully move forward with better preparation, better concentration, and go out there and be able to perform better in the last nine weeks of the year.

*On how the trip went *
I think we handled it great. We came over here on a Thursday. We took the late flight on Thursday. Got here Friday morning. Had a couple of days to adjust. I think everybody was really energized before the game. So I think that part was really good. Everyone seemed like the concentration was good. We had a practice on Friday, which was good. So I think the preparation was great. I felt great today. I felt well rested and ready to go out there and perform like we did.

*On spending time with his teammates *
Well, I think that we don't as football players often get to spend as much time together as we had all day Thursday, all day Friday, all day Saturday, all day Sunday, pretty much all day Monday. So most of the time you leave on a Saturday morning. You're together on a Saturday night. You play Sunday in your home. So I think we all went out to dinner on Friday night, which you don't get a chance to do too often, spending ten meals together and all sitting on the plane together. We had a great flight over. I think just that experience for all of us and getting to know each other will serve us well down the road. A lot of new players, and it's nice to come together and experience something like this. It's a unique bonding experience for all of us.

S Brandon Meriweather

*On his interceptions *
You always want to kind of put a stress on turning the ball over. At the end of the day, if you get a lot of turnovers, nine times out of ten you win.

*On how he got his interceptions
*That's where the film studies come in at. They actually ran that play against Carolina last week. And the coaches just happened to put us in a great position. So when coach put us in a great position, I think the quarterback and the receiver were on two different pages and he just happened to throw the ball and I just happened to get a good break on it

*On if the Patriots defense is getting better
*I think we're young. I think we have a lot of things to get better at, and I think we do a lot of things well. So we still got some stones to build and some stones to overcome, but we're going to be all right.

*On the trip to London *
To be honest, I think my favorite part besides the win was going to see the palace and Big Ben. Actually, I take that back. We went to a haunted house that was over by Big Ben yesterday and just to see some of my teammates act like little kids, happened to be probably the best part of my weekend.

WR Wes Welker

*On the atmosphere at Wembley Stadium
*I thought it was really nice. It really reminded me of the Super Bowl in Arizona, how the field felt to me. So having that experience, I had on the right shoes. We did have to go with the screw ins, but really there weren't too many slips out there where I was falling down or anything like that. I think there was one time where I was trying to cut. But other than that, it was a fast track and I liked it.

*On WR Brandon Tate *
I mean, he did a good job out there. It's tough for a rookie, especially he's been out there for a week. So really just coming in and understanding the system. We got a very complicated system. So for a guy to jump in there, it's tough on them. But he'll learn as he goes, and he's a good player, did a lot of good things in practice this week, and we just have to keep bringing him along and have him be a force to be reckoned with out there.

*On his touchdown *
Yeah, it was really well blocked. We got offensive linemen that can really get out there and block. Whenever I got the screen I saw Barber kind of slip, so I knew we had a chance to get in the end zone on that. So the guys did a great job of getting a hat on a hat, and I was able to get in the end zone on that.

*On getting yards after the catch
*Absolutely. Especially when you're catching five yard routes you've got to be able to do something with it afterwards. So that's something I definitely gotta be able to do or I'll be out of a job here pretty quick. So it's definitely something I take pride in and try to accomplish.

*On the offense improving *
Well, we're getting some big plays out there. I know in the first quarter of the season, we really weren't getting any big plays. And I think that's really changing. And coach made a point of it, and the guys really kind of answered to it. And we want to go out there and make big plays every opportunity we get. So that's what we're able to do. I think the big plays are the difference in us being able to do some things out there.

*On the advantages of the trip
*I mean, same thing that Tom talked about. Being around the guys. We all went to dinner on Friday night and hung out. And then yesterday I got to walk around London a little bit and kind of get the feel of it and things like that. So it was cool to just kind of get that experience. I've never been to Europe before. So getting to come over here and check it out was cool for me.

*On the crowd *
They were great, man. I'm a big soccer fan. So I played soccer all growing up. So really getting to kind of feel that vibe and everything. Them doing the wave, you couldn't hear anything when they started to do the wave and things like that. So it was definitely a cool experience to see their energy and what they bring to the game.

*On the hardest part of the trip
*You know, I think the sleep. We ended up having a meeting at 8:30 on Saturday. I don't think anybody was too happy about. That was probably the biggest one, getting up early on Saturday. I would have liked about 10:00, something like that. But Coach wasn't having it.

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