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Patriots Postgame Quotes

New England Patriots players comment on their 17-10 win over the Buffalo Bills at Ralph Wilson Stadium on Sunday, December 20, 2009.


On winning on the road:
It's huge for the team, especially as the season goes on. If we make it to the playoffs, I don't think many of our games are going to be at home. We've got to start winning on the road, and I think we played as a team today. That was huge as we progress through the season.

On the performance of the defensive line:
I know the guys out there today gave everything we had, and I know we were short guys. We had to stop the run, we knew they had two good rushers (Jackson and Lynch) coming and we had to stop them.

On backups stepping in for injured players:
I think when you have guys like that out it's huge for guys like myself and (Ron) Brace to come in and play well. We've got Jarvis (Green) in there all the time, and for us all to come together on this day and give it everything we got and come out with a win on the road is just huge

On when they knew NT Vince Wilfork and DL Ty Warren would be out
We knew Monday (WIlfork and Warren) weren't going to play. We were ready, everybody was ready.


On this being a trying season:
Coming from a year ago, playing almost every defensive snap to coming in and not playing one is kind of a hard situation for a football player. Everybody told me to keep my head up and just do your job and be ready for whenever they call your number because you never know when it could happen. Football is a game you can't really predict. I just try to keep my head up, and support from teammates and family made it even easier.

On not playing much this season:
I've heard that because I'm a local guy and this is a local pro team. I just told them whenever they need me they're going to need me. I just keep myself ready for whenever they call my number.

On being a local player:
It does make it a little bit tougher, seeing as how I'm from the (Boston area) I know a lot more people than some others might know. A lot of people might recognize me because I went to college in the same state. I keep getting asked the same question, "why aren't you playing?",I was like whenever the team needs me they're going to call me. I just have to keep myself ready.

On a dominant performance from the defensive line:
It's a lot of guys who just love playing football that hop on every chance they get to play. It's a competition every day to make sure you're on top of your stuff. Whoever is on top the most (will play).


On the win
We made a few mistakes here and there but we stuck with it and situationally we need to play better. We can't come out in the second half and play the way we played. We went into a couple four minute modes and tried to run the clock out and gave them another shot. Overall, we won and it was a good effort but there are a lot of things we can learn from it.

On winning ugly
It was ugly, no doubt. I don't think anyone cares how you win a game, I certainly don't. This team has always been good at taking a win anyway we can get it, especially on the road. We have guys that understand it's late in the season it's going to be tough and it gets harder. This was huge for us.

On scoreboard watching
I did see a score during the game. I saw the Jets were up at one point and I think they ended up losing. Miami just lost also so I guess it doesn't get better than that. A win against a division opponent and the other two division teams lose. We'll take it.


On today's win:
It is good to finally do that. We had a lot of opportunities today and down the stretch we were finally able to make that play to end it. It is something we have worked on and an opportunity to get better at.

On Randy's performance in today's game:
He is a competitor and he wasn't happy with his performance the week before and he came out there and showed why he is one of the best to play the game. There was no doubt in my mind he was going to bounce back from last week and have a great game this week.

On getting Randy Moss more involved in today's game:
We always want to get him involved with as great a player as he is. He took a lot of pride in himself to get out there and play well today and he did that.

On redirecting his routes:
A lot of times as a free player when they play cover one in the middle instead of him reading the quarterback he was just kind of turning toward me. We have been seeing that and we just have to do a better job of understanding that and getting a sense on a good situation and going somewhere else with that ball.

On being aware of first down distance before the last third down play of the game:
We need to get the first down in that situation. I am aware of it, and whether I get all the way there I am making sure I give us a positive play on it. Definitely getting the first down is key there.


*On establishing run game early
*It was definitely a priority of ours. We knew it was important that we get the ground game going early and I think we did a better job of that. The run certainly helps set up the pass.

On winning on the road and finishing
That's our motto right now win on the road and finish. We're just trying to be consistent with those things. If we can do that then we'll be really tough to beat.

On solid run game today
Well we ran enough to win the game. The coaches are going to evaluate the film tonight and tomorrow. We'll come in and correct it from there. That's how the season is going right now.


*On the game:
*I think we did a good job of playing 60 minutes. Another thing we wanted to do was establish the run. The line blocked tremendously well, the tight ends blocked and Sammy Morris came in and did his thing and overall the run game had a productive day.

On being satisfied with the run:
Another thing we wanted to do was establish the run early so we could see how they were playing the run, and also see how they were going to try to take away the run. My game plan was to run physical and run hard.

On his approach:
I was seeing holes. I was just taking them. Like I said, the line blocked excellent for me and it made my job a lot easier.

On enjoying contact:
Yes I love it. My thinking is just because I'm a running back and have the ball doesn't mean I need to wait for these guys to hit me. I feel like if I hit them first it will be better for me, so I try to set them up and deliver the hit first.

On hitting more this year:
Most definitely I have.

On running in December:
I like running the ball whenever, so it isn't just in cold weather. I like running when it's hot too so I just try to be prepared for whenever I get the opportunity.

On the cold weather:
I thought it was going to be Antarctica cold out here. It really wasn't that bad. We had a little peak of sun. The wind didn't blow too hard. I thought I was going to have to wear sleeves for the first time in my career but I didn't.


On winning on the road
It's always fun to win, winning makes everything better. You think you look better when you win and that's kind of how it goes. Everything is better after a win, going on the road into a hostile environment in the division and a game in December. You've got to win in December if you want to continue to play.

On coming off the benching
That page is turned, that book is closed. I try to be a professional, whatever I'm asked to do. If it's to stay at home, I stay at home. If it's to play, I play.

*On this win being a statement
*I don't know about a statement, we got the job done and that's the most important thing. There are a lot of things we can do better, but you learn from experience and the mistakes that we made not costing us the game. The young guys played very well, we made some adjustments and just hung in there. It took a team effort.

*On different defensive formations being used
*It's called organized chaos. We just try to put some guys out there and it seemed like it worked today. Whatever it's called you have to ask Bill (Belichick) that.

*On what made them successful against Buffalo
*I think that knowing your opponent, studying, trying to understand what they're going to do, and then going out there and executing. Getting everyone on the same page and communicating. I think that showed.

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