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Patriots Postgame Quotes

WR Sam Aiken
(On his touchdown catch and run) - "It was a matchup just me and him. He (Tom Brady) threw it up and I just made a play. It could have been picked off. He was in position. Basically it was just a jump ball and I went up and grabbed it."

(On if he knew he was in the clear once he hurdled the defender) - "Yeah. Before we snapped the ball looking at the coverage I saw the safety was on the other side."

(On the ball he didn't catch late in the game) - "I should have had it. It touched my hands. If it touches a receiver's hands he should catch it."

QB Tom Brady
(On not scoring in the red zone) - "That probably tells the story. When you're down there in the red area and you don't score touchdowns you just give the other team too many opportunities and you're not going to win very often when you score 21 points. It's frustrating but we've got to fight back and go out there and do a better job next time."

(On if there anything he can put your finger on regarding the offensive struggles) - "We made mistakes, we made them in the first half and we made them in the second half and you're not going to score enough points. We certainly had our opportunities today and we didn't make them."

(On Randy Moss) - "They're focusing a lot on him and you have to get the ball to other guys when they do that. As the game went along they kept having guys over there so I'd go to other guys."

(On how much the injury to his finger impacted him) - "There are a lot of guys that are banged up this time of year. You've got to get the job done. If you're out there on the field you're expected to go out there and play great. At times we did that and other times we didn't. There are a lot of guys that are banged up."

(On if that is a polite way to say he isn't 100%) - "I don't think many guys are 100%, I really don't. It's late in the year, it's 12 games, it's a physical game and you still have to go out there and get the job done."

(On if he think the team is underachieving) "I think we've played pretty inconsistent. We have some good drives and then we have some bad drives. Everyone is trying to put their finger on it and really figure it out. It's frustrating for all of us. We certainly think that when we go out there we have a lot of confidence that we're going to get the ball in the end zone. We had some chances today inside the 5 yard line, inside the 10 yard line and we get no points. That's the frustrating part for all of us."

LB Derrick Burgess(On maintaining confidence when a game like this happens) - "Confidence? We play football. We are built on confidence. That doesn't stop now. We go back to work tomorrow and start over."

(On Chad Henne throwing the football today) - "They worked their game plan to a tee. That's what they did."

(On the matchup with the Dolphins offensive line) - "It was a good matchup. We just have to be more consistent on rushing. Right now we have different things going on and we have to work better as a unit."

LB Jerod Mayo
(On preparing for the game) - "I thought we prepared pretty hard for this game. We prepare hard for every game. We just have to execute better on game day. During the week is the work part. During the game is supposed to be the fun part. It's never fun losing. So we have to get back on the winning track and get things together."

(On if Chad Henne surprised the Patriots at all) - "We knew Henne was an up and coming quarterback with a strong arm and can make plays. Coming into the game we wanted to first and foremost take away the run. They are the top running team in the league. We did a pretty good job on doing that, but making them one dimensional, I think Chad Henne threw the ball over 50 times today. Whenever have you guys seen a Miami team do that? At the end of the day we were just unable to make the plays to win the game."

(On whether anything changes in the second half) - "I can't pinpoint anything. Just a lack of execution across the board on all of our parts."

S Brandon Meriweather(On how tough it is to see the game slip away in the Fourth Quarter) - "It's very tough. Especially when you come out and play your heart out. You just don't make enough plays. It's very tough to swallow at the end of the game."

(On not being able to win on the road) - "A loss is a loss whether it is at home or on the road. We had a bunch of them in our grasp and we gave them away on the end. Everybody just has to step up and make plays.'

(On losing back to back games for the first time in three years) - "You can't explain it. We came out and we gave it our all. Now we need to go back to the drawing board. You can't explain how you lost. We made a lot of mistakes and had a lot of turnovers that we shouldn't have. But that is part of football."

(On how frustrating it is to lose on the road) - "It is what it is. Every week it will be something different. If we did win on the road - and the next week lose at home - it would be like 'they're high paid to lose at home.' You just have to be mentally tough to win on the road. Our team is not mentally tough like we are supposed to be."

(On the pass defense at this point of the year) - "At every point you need to go back to the drawing board. You can't just put all your eggs in the basket at one time. Especially in this game. Every team is good. Every team is paid to play. Every team has a chance to win. When you lose you need to find out how you lost and why you lost."

LB Adalius Thomas
(On how frustrating today's game was) - "It's frustrating. We didn't make the plays. They made the plays. We had numerous opportunities to win the game so you just have to tip your hats to them they made the plays and we didn't."

(On pinning down what is wrong with the Patriots) - "Not going to try to. It's not my job to do that."

(On explaining the lack of a consistent pass rush) - "I don't know. You have to ask somebody that does that study or whatever. Whatever they call that's what we play."

(On the Dolphins final drive) - "Through the course of the game there are different things that come up. There are so many plays. It's hard to say what came up. It just depends on the personal and the package. It just depends on the situation that determines the call."

(On not winning on the road) - "We just have to execute. I think in all three phases you just have to execute and finish. We started off the game very good just not finishing. We are not finishing games very well. That will always come back to haunt you. You have to play for 60 minutes."

WR Wes Welker
(On how frustrating it is to not finish games this year) - "It's really frustrating. We've always been a team that's been able to overcome situations and fight through things and we haven't been able to do that."

(On if the Dolphins changed their coverage schemes in the second half to defend him) - "Yeah. It was a little bit different. There were a couple double-teams in there. They change a few patterns. But overall they did a great job."

(On if this was the toughest loss of the season) - "Yes. I mean its definitely up there. To have the opportunities we had a not finish is pretty disappointing. We have a long way to go. We all need to look at ourselves in the mirror and figure things out. We're coming to play on a weekly basis and we need to make sure we're doing our jobs the way it needs to be done."

(On if he was glad to see the play call on the 58-yard reception he had) - "Well yeah. Anytime you have a 58 yard play that's a good thing. Glad we were able to get that play in. But you know we had a fourth and inches on that drive and didn't convert and we didn't get any points out of that play. We didn't finish the drive. In the end it doesn't really matter."

(On if opponents are doing things to frustrate the Patriots in the red zone) - "No, there's only so many things you can do down there. It's a matter of going out there and executing and we didn't do that. It's something we have to do and we have four more games to do that."

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