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Patriots Postgame Quotes

New England Patriots players comment on their 20-10 win over the Carolina Panthers at Gillette Stadium on Sunday, December 13, 2009.

Kevin Faulk, Running Back
(On why it was a more emotional day for him)

"As a veteran player, you know what's at stake at this time of year and what your goal is. And in order to reach our goal, we might have to get a little emotional, get guys to come with you and lead by example."

(On if the first half was frustrating for the offense)

"The important thing is, we have the second half. The thing on our mind was, 'Okay, just keep playing. Keep doing what you're doing.' The ball wasn't bouncing our way, we had too many turnovers in the first half. But at the same time, we knew that there was a second half that we had to play. And that was one of our goals coming in, finishing the game. We might have had a horrible start, but finishing the game is what's going to win it for you."

(On if their grind-it-out style of play Sunday was like that of the old Patriots teams)

"To be honest with you, nobody is thinking about the old Patriots. We're thinking about the 2009 Patriots and what we have to do to make this team better... That's what this team is about. We're thinking about the 2009 Patriots and trying to get better every week and be more consistent. That's what we're trying to do, seriously."

Jerod Mayo, Linebacker(On the game plan of the Panthers)

"First and foremost, those guys are going to run the ball and throw shots up to Steve Smith. We knew what they wanted to do and we knew what we wanted to do, so we just had to go out there and execute and I think we did a pretty good job of that today."

(On Pierre Woods and Rob Ninkovich getting more playing time)

"I think they did good. Pierre Woods and Rob Ninkovich, I think those guys did an excellent job on the edge and setting the edge. We still have work to do, especially next week against Buffalo, and we're back to the drawing board tomorrow."

Dan Koppen, Center
(On the play of Wes Welker motivating the offense)

"When you watch him play, you're going to get a spark a lot. He just goes out there and gives you everything he's got on every play. You want a definition of a football player, you look at No. 83. He's a tough guy and he's one of the keys to our offense. When he does that, you better get a spark."

(On getting a win after two consecutive losses)

"It was good to get back home and get a win. Obviously, everything didn't go right, but we showed some mental toughness out there and were able to get through a lot of things and get the job done. We're going to enjoy this one, that's for sure. Run, pass, it doesn't really matter to us. We're going to go out there and do our job and do it the best we can. It felt good to get the win."

(On the team's mindset heading into the second half)

"We just had to play 30 minutes. It was 7-7 or something like that, and we had to come out - we had the ball - and put together a good drive. Unfortunately, we had another turnover, but we put that behind us and moved on. It's about everybody doing their job and doing it better."

Pierre Woods, Linebacker
(On paying attention to the critics of the Patriots defense)

"In one ear, out the other. Can't pay attention to that. I mean everybody's got something to say. You guys will write your own thing. So, whatever you say... like if I say something about you, you can't worry about it."

(On his teammates' mood at halftime)

"They [were] humble, they [were] focused, and [said], "go out there, we got a job to do," and I think we did our job. Just worked hard and everybody as a team came together in all three phases and we did our job."

(On who stood up to address the team)

"The leaders. The leaders talk. The leaders say what they are going to say and for the most part we just do our job. The guys go out there and we got to do very, very well this week and we went out there and did our job.

James Sanders, Safety(On if it was surprising to find out he was going to play)

"It was somewhat surprising. They told me Monday that I was going to start this week. I wasn't buying into it until Sunday. It felt great to get out there, doing what it is I love to do and getting an opportunity to show what I can do and help the team out however is possible."

(On the challenge of contributing in a way he is not used to)

"It's extremely hard, extremely difficult, but we're professionals and we have to be professional about it. Whatever role they ask me, I have to do to the best of my ability to help the team; whatever role that may be. At the time, throughout most of the season I wasn't playing defense, but I couldn't worry about myself individually. I have to worry about the team. Definitely trying not to be a distraction and be professional about the situation. I am just very proud I got my opportunity today and all other feelings have to wait until the off-season."

Sammy Morris, Running Back
(On how the team played Sunday)

"I think Tom [Brady] said it best right there at the end. He said, 'We've played better and lost.' They say winning is a cure-all and we were able to pull that one out."

(On the running game being a major factor)

"I think that was something that we did relatively well, but obviously there are still a lot of things that we can do a better. Again, I can look at that as a positive."

(On the team's turnovers, particularly his fumble)

"With mine, I take full responsibility for that. Coach Ivan Fears always talks about, 'When you've got the ball, you're carrying the whole team in your hands.' Again, I feel like I let the team down in that aspect."

Leigh Bodden, Cornerback
(On Shawn Springs and James Sanders stepping up to play with the secondary)

"We practiced all week with those guys. Everybody was on the same page. That was something we really needed to accomplish this week - to get everybody on the same page, to get everybody talking and communicating. I think we did that very well today."

(On whether the win was a step in the right direction)

"Definitely, it's a step forward coming off of two losses. To play well as a secondary, we know we didn't play too good in the last two games that we've played. We wanted to come out, and play well and - like I said - communicate. It's good to move forward, it's good to get those games behind us and just move forward in a positive direction."

(On whether this game will serve as a boost of confidence)

"It's not really a confidence booster. We know what we can do on the back end. It was just that we had a couple of bad games ... But I'll take it. It's a win. We played well. There are still some things that you don't do right and you want to fix so those don't happen again. But overall it is a confidence booster. We'll take it and just build on it."

Stephen Gostkowski, Kicker
(On kicking in today's weather conditions)

"It wasn't the easiest day but it wasn't like Buffalo last year. It was just good to make a few kicks and get a win. You don't really think about the conditions because we practice in a lot worse conditions during the week and it seemed a lot easier today than it would have been if we were in Buffalo."

(On if the team is going to consider this game an "ugly win")

"You can't characterize a win because a win is a win. They all count as one even if you beat them by two or 100, they all count the same."

Chris Baker, Tight End
(On that if the team will consider this an "ugly win")

"You get some games like today. We have played some games better and lost. The most important thing is to get the victory. They played hard and they have a good defense and they came out and made some plays against us but in the end we prevailed and that's the most important thing. "

(On Wes Welker's performance)

"He is incredible considering how he gets hit. He gets hit every game and gets hit hard almost as many times as he gets the ball. He always gets right back up and keeps making plays. He is an inspiration to the whole team when he does that and gets up and shakes it off."

(On the team looking like they were lacking emotion in the first half)

"I don't know what it was. The thing is that we were moving the ball but we kept turning it over. That was a big part of it and then they stopped us on downs the next drive. I wouldn't say that we weren't focused, it was that we just weren't making the plays that we needed to make. "

Sebastian Vollmer, Tackle
(On switching between right and left tackle during the game)

"You practice it and try to be ready when the situation comes. When Coach [Belichick] tells you to get in, you better be ready. So I take every chance, every opportunity I get in practice and in the game to get better."

(On whether he knew before the game the offense could successfully run the ball)

"You just practice all week with a certain game plan and kind of know what you want to do. You just listen to the play call and try to execute it."

(On if he knew he was going to play right tackle today)

"That was a coaching decision. I just try to do my job the best I can."

Brandon Meriweather, Safety(On James Sanders)

"James Sanders is probably the smartest defensive back on our team. I'm not saying I'm not smart, but to be honest, he is the smartest d-back on our team. He knows every position. He knows every call. He brings more to the table when it comes to making checks and making calls and it was great to have him in there."

(On what it means to play looser)

"You get to have fun. When you don't have to think and make checks, you just have fun. It's just like when you were a kid in the backyard. You never had a play or thought about it."

(On who gets credit for the defensive game plan)

"You always give the coaches credit. Coaching is a hard job. When we lose, they take all of [the blame]. When we win, they have to get some of the glory too."

Shawn Springs, Cornerback
(On being back out on the field making a contribution)

"I am just trying to do my job and help out any way I can, so it was good."

(On being patient and not playing for four weeks)

"That's all you can do. It's really out of my control. All you have to do is be ready when your number is called, go out there and play."

(On what the team went through in a difficult week)

"I think on every NFL team you have times during the season or weeks like that where it's a little more difficult... we found a way to put all that in the rear view mirror."

(On what solves team-related problems)

"Winning solves everything. Winning helps with everything."

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