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Patriots Postgame Quotes

New England Patriots players comment on their game against the New York Giants from Gillette Stadium on Sunday, November 6, 2011.

Jerod Mayo, Linebacker
(On his frustration level about losing)
"It was very frustrating. At the end of the day, we take it on our shoulders. We have to close the game and we didn't execute when we needed to."

(On whether the defense needs more playmakers)
"We just have to execute the game plan. We have guys on this team who can make plays; we just didn't do it today."

(On if he knows what to expect when he watches the film)
"I never like to comment on the game until I watch the film. I know guys went out there and played hard. Effort is not the problem. We just have to get it done."

(On how the team reacts to back-to-back losses)
"Same attitude, keep working, keep chipping at the rock. We don't lose too often around here and when we do it's tough. We still have a good football team. You don't become a bad football team over a couple weeks, so we still have good players and a good football team."

(On if the defense can build off their performance in the first three quarters)
"I think there's something to build off from the whole season. We just have to continue to get better each and every week. That's our goal."

Wes Welker, Wide Receiver
(On second half adjustments)
"I don't think it was really as much as what they did. It was just a matter of our execution and us turning the ball over and us not doing the things necessary for us to move the ball. That's kind of what it came down to."

(On taking the lead and leaving the Giants too much time)
"Our defense played well all day, so we felt good about the position we were in and that's just the way it goes. We just need to get back to work and work harder and come back next week and fix the mistakes that we had."

(On difficulty finding offensive rhythm early)
"Turnovers, not converting on third downs – it's across the board. There are all sorts of reasons, so I don't know.

(On injury during the game)
"Well, I just got the breath knocked out of me and I tried to get that back and then get back out there on the field."

Logan Mankins, Guard
(On tough late game loss)
"It's real tough and we didn't play too well offensively and we stayed in the game and just came up a little short at the end."

(On offense's sluggish performance)
"I think the same things in all of our losses, turnovers [and] penalties are the things that are killing us and holding us back. Penalties and turnovers are really holding us back."

(On potential offensive frustration brewing)
"Yeah, it's frustrating after a game to not put your best – it's not effort. Everyone plays with a lot of effort out there. Everyone is trying hard, but to not put our best execution out there is very frustrating."

(On defense or just poor execution)
"They just played good and they were getting after us and they were making plays and we weren't making plays. We had some good runs, but not enough good ones and we had too many interceptions, [allowed] too much pressure, [and] a little bit of everything."

Brian Waters, Guard
(On where the team's confidence level is)
"There's no reason for us to lack confidence. This is a good football team. I've been on some losing football teams, some really bad ones. This isn't one of them. This is a good football team. We're going to fight it out all 16 games and see where it lays after that."

(On the offense struggling to get on track recently)
"I think today was just one of those days where we played with our back to the end zone. We had some really long fields. When you have long fields, you can get a couple first downs and still not really have gone anywhere. I'm sure tomorrow we'll be able to dissect things and see what we can fix going into next week."

Kyle Arrington, Cornerback
(On what happened defensively on the Giants' game-winning touchdown drive)
"They just made more plays than we did. The offense put it in our hands and we just couldn't make enough plays."

(On if he thought things were going the right way after his interception)
"Yeah, it was definitely a momentum swing. But credit to them, they were a resilient bunch of guys. They fought back and made plays when it mattered."

(On if the game was an emotional rollercoaster for him)
"It's the National Football League. Playing corner in this business, you've got to have a short memory. You can't help good throws and good catches sometimes and that's all I really have to say about that."

Patrick Chung, Safety
(On what the difference was defensively between the first half and the second half)
"First half, second half, doesn't matter. We've got to play 60 minutes, man. So, you've got to finish strong just like you start strong."

(On if it was disappointing to not be able to bounce back from last week's loss)
"It's always disappointing to lose. We'll figure out what happen when we watch film tomorrow."

Sergio Brown, Safety
(On the last Giants drive)
"We just couldn't stop them. They played some good football. We just didn't do it tonight."

(On key defensive players not on the field during the last drive)
"Yeah, sometimes you don't even pay attention to that, you just go out there and play. You've got to do your job whenever you're called on. Those guys may be out of the game, but you've just got to keep playing."

(On how the defense played)
"We didn't do a good enough job to win."

(On the penalty on last Giants drive)
"I got my head back looking at the ball – tried to make a play on the ball and I guess we got tangled up. I was looking at the ball trying to make a play on it. Our feet got tangled up and they called the penalty on me."

Devin McCourty, Cornerback
(On what the focus is after this loss)
"Just to keep working and our focus now will be being prepared and able to win next week."

(On the progress of the defense early in the game)
"Scoring is always a big part of this game and the first half was good. We're going to judge this game by the whole 60 minutes and tomorrow we'll come in here and dissect the film and we'll see just how much progress we made – we just have to make plays at the end. We felt like we played well throughout the game and it comes down to just making plays – that's our job we've got to make plays.

(On the pass interference call)
"It's very frustrating. There's nothing we can do about that now. We'll watch the film and we'll get it corrected and we'll be ready to go next week. "

(On losing two games in a row)
"This group knows it's expected – when you lose – everybody is going to criticize you and pick you apart. When you win everything is going well. So, right now our job is to be competitors and come in here next week, work hard and nip it in the butt and get another win under our belt and try to string them together."

Stephen Gostkowski, Kicker
(On the missed field goal)
"Bad executions. That close you never expect to miss. I just have to do a better job so that when we get in the area I have to put points on the board and not let my team down."

(On making the next field goal did it make you feel any better about missing the first kick)
"No, we lost and it hurts to loose and it hurts worst when you play bad."

Rob Gronkowski, Tight End
(On how the game went back and forth and how the offense played on the last drive)
"It was a rollercoaster game and what we were doing in the second half driving down the field, we have to be executing all game, we have to execute in the first half and putting up points the entire game."

(On the touchdown catch on fourth and nine)
"Yeah it was all or nothing, we needed that play and Tom (Brady) just happened to look at me. It's just one of those plays you go over in practice just to get the timing down and he (Tom Brady) made a nice throw to me and I had to make the play on it."

(On the first two passes before the touchdown)
"Yeah I definitely had two drops before and Tom ( Brady) put them where only I can catch them and I have to be making those plays, but they (coaching staff) trusted me and came to me the third time and I made the play but I have to be doing that all game."

Tracy White, Linebacker
(On the loss)
"It is pretty tough.  We were up with the game on the line and seconds to go.  We have to execute the plays a little better."

(On the final touchdown catch)
"No, I didn't lose him. I was in touch with him pretty good.  It was a good catch.  Good catch and good pass."

Rob Ninkovich, Linebacker
(On the game plan for next week)
"We can't dwell on things in the past.  It's (the game) in the past now.  We just have to come in and watch the tape, see the things we didn't do right, improve, and go from there for next week.  Next week, obviously it's a division game so we need to make sure that we are going in there ready to do the job on defense."

(On the loss)
"This is the NFL and every team has good players on their team.  You have to respect the Giants.  You have to respect Manning being able to get the ball to some of his playmakers.  I think we made some improvements this week compared to last week. Obviously we didn't win the game so we have to continue to work at things that we obviously didn't do right."

(On the frustration after a loss)
"Obviously it is going to be frustrating.  But, we still have a lot more games to play.  We are halfway through the season.  We have to continue to not let anything affect us or change how we are going to play.  We have to continue to get better so towards the end of the year we can be in a good position for the playoffs."

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