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Patriots Postgame Quotes - 8/7/2008

New England Patriots players offer comments on their 16-15 preseason loss to the Baltimore Ravens at Gillette Stadium on August 7, 2008.

Matt Gutierrez, Quarterback
(On the teams' preparation)
"The coaches prepared us for what was going to happen and it's our job to go out and execute. At times we did and at times we didn't. We have to get more consistent with that, but we'll learn from our mistakes and move forward."

(On if his playing time was what he expected)
"I wasn't expecting anything in particular. I just wanted to be ready for 60 minute. Whenever coach called my number then I was going to go out there and compete."

(On if the Ravens did anything defensively that led to some of the sacks)
"I'm not sure exactly which ones you are talking about. There were a number of different situations that came up, but we were prepared. The coaches got us ready to play. Like I said before, we went out and we executed some and didn't on some plays and we need to do a better job of executing."

(On playing a physical team early)
"I think it was a good experience for us to go out there and get after it right away with the first one. I know I'm going to learn a lot from this game and I think everybody will. We just have to learn from the tape and move forward and get better."

(On getting in game experience)
"I think every day is important, whether it's a game, or practice, or a meeting, it doesn't matter everything is important. We're always competing and trying to get better."

Shawn Crable, Linebacker(On talking with Jerod Mayo and comparing their first NFL experience)
"It was a lot different. The tempo was different. Just being in there and having a chance and being in there with some of the guys that you normally don't get to take reps with, it's just kind of different."

(On getting a chance to show what he can do)
"It's basically about opportunities, you only get a certain [number] before the preseason ends to show what you can do. You try to take advantage of all of them, try not to make mistakes and just try to do what the coaches ask you to do."

(On the pressure to produce when you get opportunities)

"Yes. When you have guys like [Mike] Vrabel and Adalius [Thomas] in front of you, you have to make the coaches comfortable, if something happens to them you can play and perform. There's some pressure there to back them up and to fill the position that they do, you can fill it like they do."

Victor Hobson, Linebacker
(On if it was nice being able to be physical against players who aren't on the same team)
"Definitely. We have been at camp and it was a great opportunity to go out there and try to execute the best we could. We played as a team and we will get better at playing as a team and just show what we can do."

(On how he felt about his performance tonight)
"I just thank God for putting me in a situation where I can be out there and be in a position to play to the best of my ability. I will know better tomorrow after I watch the film on how well I did, but we will see."

(On playing under Bill Belichick's defensive scheme)
"It is something you have to get used to and get adjusted to, but that is what training camp and mini camp is for. We are all learning on the run and each day we are going out there and getting better and getting more acquainted with each other and the system."

Pierre Woods, Linebacker
(On how he felt about letting the young linebackers play a majority of the game)
"We still got work to do as does everyone. I can only speak for myself and I know I have work to do, but it was good to see them out there. Some guys made some plays and that's what the coaches want to see."

(On his sack and fumble recovery tonight)
"I just rushed up the field hard, and the ball was right there so I stripped the ball and luckily I recovered it. "

(On if he feels like his hard work is paying off)
"The whole offseason I was up here for almost the entire year working out and working hard. I will continue to do the things I'm supposed to do to become a better linebacker and hopefully it will all pay off."

(On if he could to relate to how Jerod Mayo must of felt in his first game)
"I think everyone is nervous their first game. I was nervous my first game. It is the NFL, not college anymore. In college you have a little bit more fun and time on your hands and here its work, work, work. You got to do your job and know what you're supposed to do and pay attention to detail."

Kevin O'Connell, Quarterback
(On what stuck out to him in his first preseason game)
"The rookies played well out there along with the offensive line, some receivers and Lamont [Jordan]. BenJarvus Green [Ellis] brought a lot of energy. It was the first time out there for a lot of us. We just wanted to have a lot of energy and start to grow in our place."

(On how fun it was to get a chance at leading the team back in the fourth quarter)
"Oh yeah, all you can ask for when you get in a game is to have a chance to help your team win. Down by a point there in the end, I know we have a very good kicker [Stephen Gostkowski] and I just wanted to get the ball down as far as I could. We weren't able to but hopefully we will get that situation again and we will be able to get it down there. "

(On how he felt in his first NFL game)
"It is definitely a new experience but I was prepared to play well by the coaches. I just wanted to go out and execute what I was taught and get the ball in the hands of our athletes out there. I was benefited by a lot of good players around me."

(On how more comfortable he was after his first play)
"The first time you get back there and get hit or something you will start to get in a groove. I am just looking forward to getting another opportunity next week."

(On being to run the ball so well)
"It is one of those things that I didn't know how it would be coming in but coach [Josh] McDaniels let me know 'If things break down, you can use your legs and make plays that way.' I just wanted to do anything we could to get the ball running and hopefully get some points."

Heath Evans, Fullback
(On he thought the game went tonight)
"The film from this game is going to tell us a lot and coach [Bill] Belichick is going to tell us a lot. Yall's [media] job is to do what you guys have to do. You look at something and call it for what it is. For me, I will look at it and coach will look at it. There will be areas in the film where I have to improve and others areas where the coaches will say 'we like what you did.' That is all stuff we find out tomorrow. You guys [media] are around here enough and you know this game enough to say how it is."

(On how good it felt to get the preseason started)
"Yeah, you guys [media] know how much I love this team and how I love being here. It gets old beating up on the same people every day so when you get to face a different color uniform you get to see exactly where you are at. The preseason, yeah we whine and gripe about it, but at the end of the day it is sort of a necessary evil. You collect a lot of dust and rust from that off-season. You are working out and running but you aren't playing football. I know I need it. Tonight, I am sure I did some good things and I am sure there are some things I need to improve. I had fun tonight."

(On how he would grade the performance of the special teams tonight)
"I don't know. You have to ask me that in a couple of days after I watch the film and think about how I played personally. You lose contact on the speed of this game. This game is kind of a blur because for six months I have been sitting and not in that football train of thought. The film is going to tell it all."

Ray Ventrone, Safety
(On the plays made by the rookie linebackers)
"Those guys were able to come up with some big plays. Unfortunately, we weren't able to come up with a big one on offense to rally. Hopefully, we look at film and improve and get better."

(On what the preseason means)
"You just try to make plays and take advantage of the opportunities. I try to maximize my time."

(On Jerod Mayo's hit)
"I'm sure he was pumped up about it. If I knocked somebody's helmet off, I'd probably be pretty excited."

(On getting back to playing)
"I think we know that we're all lucky and we're all fortunate. I'm just trying to take advantage of it.

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