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Patriots Postgame Quotes: Patriots vs. Jaguars

New England Patriots players comment on their Preseason game against the Jacksonville Jaguars from Gillette Stadium on Thursday, August 11, 2011.

Patrick Chung, Safety
(On if he and Brandon Meriweather playing a lot together was intended to build their communication)
"You have to be able to communicate at the safety position. You have to be able to communicate and that's like your secondhand man out there, so it's good for us to go out there and hopefully we do the same thing in the next game and the next game so we can get our communication on point."

(On his dropped interception)
"That's what happens when you take your eye off the ball." [laughs]

(On Buddy Farnham's interception)
"I actually got a joke about that, too. So he's going to show me how to catch the ball tomorrow [laughs]. No, he's a good guy, good player. You see him playing both sides of the football field, so it's good. Good stuff."

Dane Fletcher, Linebacker
(On his increased responsibility quarterbacking the defense)
"It took a few plays. The first drive was a little shaky. Getting used to kind of having the control out there for the first game was a little tough at first. But once I got the hang of it, I thought our whole defense played pretty well. Once the ball stated rolling and whatnot, once we got used to our surroundings."

(On making impact plays in the game)
"It took just getting out there and finally just playing. For the first few plays, there's a lot going on in your headset, a lot going on everywhere with adjustments and whatnot. Once you get settled in – and I felt like I got settled in after the first drive – I think our defense played pretty well after that."

(On a year after transitioning from lineman to linebacker)
"Yeah, I'm a linebacker now. There's no way I'm going back to D-line – completely. I feel comfortable as a linebacker in this scheme and whatever they can use me as. This is a great place for me."

(On whether third-down defense was a point of emphasis in the game)
"I mean, last year is in the past and we're moving on. We're definitely trying to work on the third downs, along with first and second downs. Yeah, we have to work on it. There's a lot we have to work on."

Taylor Price, Wide Receiver
(On his touchdown in the back of the end zone)
"It's a baseline in cut. [Brian] Hoyer made the right read, put the ball in the spot and I've got to get myself in the back of the end zone, tap the feet down and be ready to catch, squeeze the ball and drag the feet."

(On how different he feels this year than last year at this point)
"A lot different. I just put the time in, put the work in, just knowing the playbook that much more after a year of a so-called redshirt year, getting that much more comfortable with the quarterbacks. Just go out there, put it all together and play fast and tough football."

(On being more comfortable using his skills during game play)
"I know I've got skills. I believe in myself. I know I've got the talent to play at this level. It's just about going out there and showing these teammates, getting the trust of these teammates and the coaching staff and showing that I can play. I'm going to keep doing that and I'm going to keep getting better."

(On how he felt walking off the field)
"Tired. Still got these training camp legs under me. But it was a good start for the season. We've still got a lot to work on and we want to come back Saturday and keep improving."

 (On how it felt to be back on the field and if it felt different than last year at this point.)
"It felt good to get out there, competing against someone other then your own teammates and have live action so you can show what you can do. I feel a lot different. I am putting the time in, the work in and knowing the playbook so much more after a year. I am getting more comfortable with the quarterback. I just feel so much better."

(On the touchdown catch at the back of the end zone)
"I was just thinking about putting the squeeze on the ball and getting the two feet down and just drag them and then just hold onto the ball.  After a year into the game, things are starting to slow down and knowing what you're supposed to do on every play and every situation, it's a big part of it. "

Mark Anderson, Defensive End
(On his transition to the Patriots)
"It was still a different transition coming to a different defense out of free agency. There's learning everyday and I was just excited to get out there and be able to go against an opposing team and just try to make something happen."

(On rushing the quarterback)
"Yeah I felt I had a couple of good rushes there. I worked hard in the offseason on pass-rushing and I just wanted to get out there on a live body and work some of the stuff that I worked on in the offseason. It worked out pretty good for me, but hopefully I can bring that to the season and bring that to the team and we can make something happen."

(On whether he's comfortable on both ends of the line)
"Oh yeah, it really doesn't matter. I've played both sides, I've played right and left end, I've rushed up the middle, three technique, so I'm out there [doing] a little bit of everything. Pass rushing is just something I love to do and if I can help out in that aspect for the team, then I'm willing to do that."

Nate Solder, Tackle
(On how the offensive line did tonight)
"We're building step-by-step. It's the first pre-season game and there's a long way to go."

(On being a challenge having so many different groups out there)
"We did it in college and then we would start to work together and it will happen here. It comes with time."

Stevan Ridley, Running Back
(On how it felt to get out there and play his first NFL game and how he thinks he did)
"I just went out there and just played ball. I'm just very thankful for the coaches putting me in the opportunity that I had. It was truly a blessing to be out here on the field – out here playing my dream and doing that. This team has a lot to do – we have a lot of work to do. I just have to continue to work hard every day and opportunities will open up in the future."

(On not shying away from contact and if the coaches have told him to pump the brakes)
"I'm just being a football player. I'm just doing what the coaches ask me to do. They want me to be a downhill runner and that's what I'm going to  continue to do. If that's what this team needs me to do, that's what I'll continue to do."

(On the pass-catching part of his game)
"I just go out there, like I said, and be a football player. God has blessed me – just to be out there and be able to have a lot of talent, just to get out there and do a lot of things – catching the ball and running, try to be an all around back. I'm nowhere close to perfect and I just have a lot of work to do. I'm not satisfied – I'm sure the coaches aren't either. I'm just going to continue to work hard every day and do my best and help this team improve to get better."

Ryan Mallett, Quarterback
(On going against a live defense after only two weeks of practice)
"I felt like I was comfortable. After the first play, we had great protection all night. I had fun going against a different defense."

(On if seeing Brian Hoyer having a good game gave him a little push to do better)
"You know, we're teammates so we want to work to put points on the board. I felt good working different situations. We didn't get two minutes on the clock but I felt good out there."

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