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Patriots Quickie Quotes - 8/25/2003

DL RICHARD SEYMOUR(On what Ted Washington brings to the team)He’s a big guy up front for us. That’s definitely something that we needed.

(On what Ted Washington brings to the team)
He's a big guy up front for us. That's definitely something that we needed. He also brings a lot of attitude with him as well. He's not just a big guy that just sits there and eats up blockers. He definitely wants to stop the run and he brings an attitude with him.

(On whether Washington made an immediate difference in the Eagles game)
I don't know what their rushing statistics were, but I know that we created some third-and-long situations and that was good for the defense to get our pass rush going as well.

(On the cohesion the defense has built throughout the preseason)
We had some offseason acquisitions and we had training camp and that was a time for everybody to work out the kinks and kind of jell together. The more we play together, the more that we feel as one. If you can get to the point where you know what a guy's thinking and what he's about to do, or what he brings in a certain situation, that's a plus for us.

(On whether he thinks he can be a lead back)
I think I can. I made the comment a few weeks ago that it's not about how small or how big you are, but how much heart you have. If you play running back, you've got to have a lot of heart back there, because you basically get hit every play.

(On the team's preseason progress)
We've made great strides in the right direction and we'd like to put the finishing touches own what I think has been a great preseason so far.

(On what he brings to the table)
I think that I bring a lot of experience to the team. I think I can help out with some of the younger guys and show them some of the finer points of the game, things that I've experienced. I think I have pretty good playmaking ability if I'm put in the right situation. I'm looking forward to being a big part of our success.

(On an element of his game that he feels has improved in the last two seasons)
I would say recognizing defenses and recognizing coverages from the beginning. When you line up, you can tell where defenses are disguising and whether they are really in that defense. I think that is the biggest thing for me personally. It gets clearer every year. The more years you play as a receiver, you recognize more, which makes you a better player.

(On whether he feels that he has to prove himself every year he comes to camp)
I know what God has for me. If it is to be a starter, I am going to be a starter. If is to be a back-up player, that is what I am going to be. I really don't get concerned with perceptions. That is your job … to analyze it and see who fits where. Basically, the only thing that I can control is when they call 86's number. I have to go out there and make a catch or make a play. I can't control how much they play me or when they play me. The only thing that I can control is keeping my mind clear and when they call my number, I have to go out there and make it happen.

(On how important it is to try to get through the final preseason game with the least amount of injuries)
I think that is what anyone hopes for. You want to come out unscathed from the preseason and hopefully get ready for the regular season. In my situation, I am just trying to get treatment and hopefully I can get out there on Wednesday for a final tune-up before we play Buffalo in the regular season.

(On if the long week leading up to the regular season opener will be advantageous for the team)
Those are the cards that we have been dealt. We are just going to see how it goes. Like I said, hopefully I can get out there on Wednesday and give it a go and get a final tune-up. Along with a lot of other guys in here, the first week of the regular season is going to be big.

(On the pending roster moves that will bring the team down 65 players)
This is guys' livelihood right here. Guys have been working real hard all throughout the year and the preseason preparing for this moment. Unfortunately, some guys aren't going to make it. So it is kind of an uneasy time.

(On what he's learned from Troy Brown)
I look up to Troy. You can only learn from the best and he's one of the best. A lot of guys go to different teams and don't have that type of leadership and a role model on their team. Fortunately, I was blessed to be on this team and Troy and David [Patten] are here. Those are two good guys I can learn from.

(On the pending roster moves that will cut the roster down to 65 players)
You bond with a bunch of guys and unfortunately you hate to see someone leave. The coaches look at the best opportunity for the team. They keep the guys that they feel will help us out. Hopefully the rest of the guys move on to better places.

(On the arrival of Ted Washington)
Whenever you get a player that's established, a big body that has to be accounted for by the offensive line, it's something that is going to help us. We've got three Teds in the middle now. Tedy, big Ted [Washington] and medium-sized Ted [Johnson]. He's in shape, he's ready to go, he's practicing, and he's ready to play football.

(On what separates good defenses from great defenses)
Good defense, great defense, average defense … I just want to win football games. I don't care how we're characterized. I don't care how we're looked at. As long as we hold them to fewer points than our offense scores. That's all that matters to me. To be categorized as a certain type of defense certainly isn't important to me. It's just about winning football games.

(On whether progress has been made defensively this postseason)
I think we've progressed well. I'd tell you if I wasn't happy. I think that we have made progress from day one until now. The front office people continue to try to work to get us better, bringing in players like Ted Washington. We're still out there practicing in full pads, even though it's close to the regular season, we're still out there working. I'm happy with the improvement and the emphasis that's been put upon improvement.

(On the final preseason game and the potential for injuries)
I just hope that everyone continues to play hard and stays focused, because you can never take anything for granted. Every time you step on the field, whether it's a preseason game or it's a postseason game or it's a regular season game, you've got to play hard and you've got to play very intensely. You have to go in there with a sense of urgency, but you don't want anyone to get hurt. You always have your fingers crossed, hoping that everyone comes out injury-free. But, things happen and you've got to be prepared for it.

(On the upcoming cuts and the mood in the locker room)
For some of the younger guys that are on the bubble, there's a lot of nervousness. But, any time I get a chance to talk to guys, I just tell them to put their best foot forward and go out there and work hard. I tell them that even if you don't make it here, this is not the end of the line. I tell them to go out there and keep working hard and keep working towards their dream.

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