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Patriots super fan Scotty McCreery returns to Gillette Stadium to sing on Sunday

Lifestyle sat down with the country singer to talk Patriots and Salute to Service.


Country singer Scotty McCreery has never been shy about being a Patriots fan. He is constantly showing the team support through social media, coming out for big games and representing Patriots Nation the best the can.

Scotty and his dad, Mike, were in Foxborough on Sunday to catch the Super Bowl XLIX rematch and to sing "God Bless America" during the Patriots Salute to Service game. The singer has also been vocal about supporting those serving overseas, veterans and their loved ones, so it was extra special for him to be on hand for the game dedicated to members of the military.

Lifestyle sat down with Scotty before Sunday's game to talk about his fandom, his experience at the Super Bowl and Salute to Service.

L: What's it like coming out here again to sing as a Patriots fan?
S: It's the best of both worlds for me. I love singing and I love Patriots football so I get to combine the two and enjoy a great night and salute those men and women who have served us. I'm excited to be out here.

L: Does it ever get old?
S: No, no, no. We were hyped. We were listening to some Boston radio on the way in here just getting excited. I love it out here.

L: How did you become Patriots fan?
S: My dad and his family grew up in Eliot and Kittery Maine and then Portsmouth, N.H. I was born and raised in Raleigh, N.C., so I'm kind of like the outsider out there. Not a lot of friendly people when it comes to football season. I was born and raised a Patriots fan as long as I can remember, never anybody else. It's been a good time to be a Patriots fan so far in my lifetime.

L: You and your dad were at Super Bowl XLIX. Are you excited to be here for the rematch as well?

S: I wouldn't mind it being less tight of a game. We were right there. We had some corner seats at the game. We were right there where the Malcolm Butler play happened so we saw it all happen.  

L: What was your reaction when you saw the pick?

S: [My dad] had his head in his knees. He wasn't watching it. I was watching, but I was thinking it was déjà vu with the Giants games. Here comes another Eli Manning miracle, but I was going berserk. I even got on his shoulders for the first time in probably 15 years. I was just getting hyped.

L: You've been very vocal about supporting members of the military and we're here for the salute to service game. Why is it so important to you to make sure members of the military are honored?
S: I had family in the military. Both grandfathers, one in the air force and one in the navy. Grandpa was at Pease, so I had family in the military in the New England area. They taught us how important it is. Those folks are out there sacrificing and their families as well to have the freedom we have. I'm happy to show support for them. What better place than here. We're all Patriots. 

You can follow Scotty's music and love for football on Twitter and Instagram.


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