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Patriots to unveil silver jersey for Sunday night showdown

The Patriots will unveil their new Silver Jerseys against the Cowboys during a Sunday night ESPN telecast on Nov. 16.



            Patriotism as we know it can add a new color to its scheme! In one of the most anticipated games of the season, the New England Patriots will unveil their new Silver Jerseys against Bill Parcells and The Dallas Cowboys during a Sunday night ESPN telecast on Nov. 16.  

The Patriots will wear the silver jersey, actually approved by the NFL almost five years ago, for the first time against Dallas and again on Dec. 7 against Miami. The league's apparel partner, Reebok of Canton, Mass., developed the current design. Like the Red Throwback jersey at last season's Thanksgiving game, the silver jersey is certain to become an instant hit among the fans and has already generated the excitement and interest in both the online and on-site ProShop of its red counterpart.

"The NFL has allowed teams to add a third jersey to be worn twice a year," explained Patriots Vice Chairman Jonathan Kraft. "We already had our throwback and thought the silver jersey was a nice addition for certain prime time or other special games. Reebok has been a great partner for us and the league as a whole and the people there came up with an excellent design for the jersey."

Patriots Director of Retail Ken Flanders is confident Patriots fans will be impressed with the color and it should become a popular alternative to the traditional navy and white jerseys. From a fan perspective, Flanders notes that other NFL clubs that have worn or will wear their third color jerseys this year (Eagles, Browns, Titans, and Texans) have received a tremendous response over the color change. The transition of color scheme may also increase the Pats chances against their upcoming rivalries. According to Flanders, "Another positive sidelight is that the Cowboys and Dolphins will be forced to wear their dark color jerseys (Cowboys-navy and Dolphins-aqua) which historically both teams have been reluctant to suit up in. Any psychological edge can only help!"

The jersey itself will be worn with blue pants and is made of 100% nylon with official graphics from the Patriots, NFL, and Reebok. In its authentic form, the silver jersey is now available at the Patriots Pro Shop and online store ( for $219.95. A replica version, without stitching and nylon material, can also be purchased for $64.95. With the holidays fast approaching, this instant classic will only be available for a limited time, and the New England Patriots invite all devoted fans to share in the thrill of owning this brand new design for the team.

As with other influential elements of the human psyche, color undeniably plays a significant role in marketing. For example, according to a recent Boston Globe article promoting The New England Car Show, silver has become the most desired choice for consumers in the market for a new automobile in the last few years. While team personnel probably didn't have cars in mind during their selection, there is no doubt silver has become a dominating color with the public and, hopefully, a winning color on the gridiron Sunday night.

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