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Patriots Training Camp Quotes - 7/31/2012

Patriots players comment on Training Camp day five on Tuesday, July 31, 2012.



(On how crazy it is to be in camp with so many players)
"It's fun. It's more competition. It's like having all you guys out here and seeing who the best reporter is."

(On if he is quickly getting up to speed after having the offseason program)
"Yeah, but it's all about if you come in and have the mentality like 'I want to learn.' You can make it as hard as you want to. If you come in focused, ready to learn, ready to pick up on whatever we have to pick up on and follow a veteran, follow the lead, take the lead then the sky is the limit."

(On the role of 'coach on the field' and if experience plays into that)
"It definitely helps. You learn a lot more things than the new guys coming in, but like I said, we have some older guys in here [Steve] Gregory and everybody coming in. They're smart and they're learning fast. I'm learning from them so it's rapid. We can always get better. It's only the fifth day."


(On if coming back feels like a comfortable shoe that you put back on and everything fits)
"Yeah, right. Putting it back on, putting that shoe back on and just getting back familiar with it."

(On the number of weapons on the team)
"Yeah, definitely a lot of weapons, a lot of different weapons. If we can put it all together, we can give Tommy [Brady] a lot of targets out there."

(On if he thought it would take some time to learn the offense again)
"I kind of thought it would come back to me. This is the offense that I've pretty much played in my whole career. That part of it came back to me. Just getting the timing back down – that stuff takes a little more time."

(On adjusting to the way Tom Brady wants things done)
"It's not hard at all because if you don't get on that same page right away, you'll be somewhere else with another quarterback."


(On what he's looking to work on)
"Basically all around, anything that they ask me to do, anything that they ask of me, I try to make better each practice. You only get so many [practices] in camp before the first game, before the Saints get down here so I'm just trying to work on the little things and make myself a better player and a better factor in this defense."

(On if he is motivated by not being out there as much last season)
"If not playing doesn't motivate a player, I don't know what would."

(On if this is the healthiest he is felt coming into camp)
"I'm taking it day by day, just working on what I have to do to get better and just focusing on my little techniques so I can be out there on the defense and out there playing more."


(On his versatility)
"I think anytime you can play multiple positions you're going to help yourself. They put a premium on that here, they try to work guys around, so hopefully that's something they think I can still do and hopefully I can still do it. You'll have to ask them."

(On his special teams participation throughout his career)
"Yeah definitely, I've played a lot of special teams. They put a premium on that here as well. Everybody is playing something, whether you're playing 60 snaps on defense or 10, they want to make sure that guys are getting in there and playing special teams. So that's something I'm excited about as well. [Scott O'Brien] is a great coach, so I'm looking forward to it."

(On playing next to Jerod Mayo)
"Mayo's a good player. I've enjoyed working with him and he's been extremely beneficial to me, helping me get a grasp on stuff. From afar I've always admired his game, but you know he's a very intelligent player and I've picked up a lot of stuff from him. [He's] a highly competitive guy and I look forward to playing with him."

(On if it is easy to be coached by LB Pepper Johnson based on his accomplished NFL career)
"Pepper is a terrific coach, he knows his stuff and he's a high intensity guy who relates well to players. From playing for 12 or 13 years in the NFL at such a high level, he obviously garners the respect of his players with anything he says. So you're going to listen to him, he's been there, he's been in the fights, he knows what it's all about and you've just got to take advantage of that."


(On if the second week of camp has picked up from the first week)
"Yeah it definitely has. We got that first day of pads out of our system and we just come out here every day and just grind through every rep and just get better every play.

(On if mental reps have added value based on the new CBA's rules regarding padded practices)
"I mean it's all hand-in-hand. When there were two-a-days, guys were still watching as much film as they are now. The film room plays a huge part come Sundays."

(On if he keeps a book on offensive lineman and their tendencies)
"I pretty much know it because I've played a lot of offensive tackle [in the past] so you pretty much get a feel for what everyone likes to do and then before the game comes on Sunday you really study that tackle and see what his strong points are."

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