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Patriots Training Camp Quotes - 8/14/2012

Patriots players comment on Training Camp during media access on Tuesday, August 14, 2012.



(On if there is good competition during practice)

"Oh yeah, definitely. We compete every day and go out and work hard against each other. We're trying to make each other better, so it's been going well."

(On if he can see the defense's progress)

"Absolutely. We've been flying around trying to make plays on the ball and priding ourselves on working on our communication and things like that. It's been getting better every day."

(On his relationship with fellow safety Patrick Chung)

"Yeah absolutely. The more we get to know each other – and that goes across the board with all the guys – the more we get to know each other, get familiar with playing with each other, the better you can communicate. That's what camp's about and that's what we've been working on."


(On how the defense is progressing)

"I think we're doing a great job. A lot of young guys are coming in, making plays; they're high energy guys, flying around [and] that's great. They're catching on to the defense and it's good, we can just build from there. So I think we're having a good camp defensively."

(On his comfort level this year versus last year)

"I feel like over time and over the years, I feel like I'm getting better; learning the differences of the defense, where I'm supposed to be and where the next guy is. Being the middle linebacker I've got to kind of direct guys and it's coming a lot easier this year, so hopefully I can just keep getting better.

(On if he feels he can be more aggressive on the field)

"Absolutely. That's my nature. Be aggressive, be a shark – it's shark week so you know, of course [laughs]."


(On communication being a key factor for the defensive backs)

"[It's] huge, huge, if not the biggest factor back there. We're putting a lot of hours in, that's what [this] time is for. The more we communicate, the more comfortable back there we are with one another."

(On if they're starting to gel as a unit in the secondary even though it's early)

"Like you said, it's early but that's definitely the goal. This is definitely the time to do it. Just keep stringing these days along. It's tough – every day is like Groundhog's Day but it's the National Football League and that's what training camp is for."

(On if it builds confidence to have success against the Patriots offense)

"Definitely a talented bunch we have offensively. They definitely give us a good look. The more we compete and make each other better, the better we'll be overall as a team."

(On the difference between playing at corner and in the slot)

"In the slot, there's a lot of option routes and things like that, especially quarterbacks like [Tom] Brady and [wide receiver Wes] Welker, who have played some time together, who have great chemistry. You definitely have to know where your help is on the field and things like that and definitely have to be very disciplined."


(On how camp is going so far)

"From my respect, I feel like it's been going pretty good. There's not a day that goes by that we can't get better in a different aspect. Me being a young guy, I'm just coming in trying to learn from all the older guys each and every day, just trying to learn from all of them is probably about the best I can say it's been.

(On if he's feeling comfortable)

"It's all about me learning; you can never learn enough right now. I'm still in the back of the classroom still trying to learn, talking to Pep [Pepper Johnson] and Matty P [Matt Patricia] about everything. I'm still trying to learn, get advice from those guys as well as V [Vince Wilfork] and [Jerod] Mayo and everybody else."

(On how he plans to play his second game)

"I'm going with the same mindset that I always have, which is to go in and be dominant and be accountable to my teammates and do what I have to do get off the field and whatever I have to do to get the victory."

(On if his head is spinning with so much to learn)

"It's football and I'm a student of the game. It's something I'm very passionate about so each day I wake up and I'm blessed to be able to do something I love and to be able to make a living off of it. Football is my life so I'm definitely glad that I'm blessed to be where I'm at."

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