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Patriots Unfiltered Q&A: Brady, tight ends and more

Fan questions in this week's Patriots Unfiltered mailbag include more wondering about Tom Brady's future.


Will the Patriots ever wear their old uniforms again? It would have been nice had they wore them a couple of times during the 100th anniversary season. Ricard Paradis

Hi Richard! As of right now, the team has not announced any news in regards to jerseys. Typically there is one game a year where the team wears alternate jerseys so keep an eye on news! Megan O'Brien

Do you think that Brady and Brees competing for some individual all-time records and legacy play a factor in their retirement considerations? Stan C

It's an interesting point. I'm sure there are a lot of factors that go into each player's decision to retire or to continue playing. In my opinion, I don't think the competition between Brady and Brees for individual records will be a deciding factor for their futures. Megan O'Brien

Do you not think that if they offered Tom $28 million and promised to get him some weapons he would be more likely to stay? Greg Findlay

That is the million dollar question, Greg. It is a situation where it is easier said than done. If Brady signs for $28 million, the Patriots would need to find a weapon to take a team friendly deal to play with Brady. The free agent weapons available are guys like AJ Green, Tyler Eifert, Emmanuel Sanders, and Hunter Henry. I am not convinced that any of those players could significantly change the offense. At the same time, if the Patriots sign Brady and weapons, what happens to Devin McCourty and other pending free agents? The roster has many areas of need. It's not as simple as signing Brady and getting weapons. Megan O'Brien

Given the circumstances and available options, what logic is there in expecting that Belichick seriously intends to move on from Brady this year? Tony Ess

Hi Tony! The reality of the situation is: we don't know what Belichick or Brady truly want for the future. However, there is logic in thinking that Belichick and the Patriots could move on from Brady because this will be the first time in the quarterback's career that he is a free agent. Realistically, anything could happen, and nothing would surprise me. Megan O'Brien

If offered a second round pick would the patriots entertain trading Michel? Ryan Plourde

I don't think the team would consider trading Michel just yet. However, I could see the team moving on from Burkhead if Damien Harris is ready to contribute. Megan O'Brien

Which tight end will the Patriots go after in the off-season? Brian Littlefield

Tight end is certainly a need for the Patriots. I don't think they will address the situation with just one player. I would expect the team to target a tight end in the draft and in free agency. Someone like Hunter Henry, Tyler Eifert or Austin Hooper would make sense in terms of veterans. Megan O'Brien

Is Jalen Hurts a player the Patriots might draft? Bob Michaud

Jalen Hurts is an interesting prospect heading into this draft. Many experts don't believe he is a first round talent. The question is: how far will Hurts fall? Given that the Patriots don't have a second round pick, getting Hurts would be more of a challenge. Whether the Patriots get Hurts or not depends on if the teams likes the quarterback enough to make a move to trade up get him. The only other way would be if Hurts fell significantly in the draft. Megan O'Brien

It seems that N'Keal Harry has trouble with separation in man-on-man situations. When he was drafted, that was the knock on his skillset. I was wondering if the ability to gain separation is something that can be taught and learned if the work is put in. David Goldner

Thanks for the question David! Personally, I don't think we have seen enough of Harry to come to a conclusion on what he is capable of. Next year will be telling for the wide receiver and will really give us a better idea of what Harry's ceiling is. Coming out of college, his upside was that he can win contested battles. I am curious to see how a healthy Harry plays for a full season and if the separation issues had anything to do with coming off an injury. Megan O'Brien

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