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Patriots Unfiltered Q&A: Who starts at QB Week 5?

Fan questions answered in this week's Patriots Unfiltered mailbag.


Who do you think will start next week? Hoyer seemed more consistent and methodical but Stidham made better choices? Christopher Eminence

It's important to remember that there is a scenario where Cam Newton starts for the Patriots on Sunday. If Newton is asymptomatic for five days and has two negative tests in, he would be eligible to play. In this scenario, there's a chance that Newton misses some practice. If Newton is healthy and available, he will be the starter. If he's not, Jarrett Stidham will likely be the starter. Megan O'Brien

Do you think Belichick and Caserio should extend Cam Newton during the bye-week? Alan Bernstein

It still seems unlikely that Newton would agree to an extension midseason. So far, Newton's value has gone up this season. If that continues, it's in Newton's best interest to wait it out in order to make more money. Megan O'Brien

Why was the Patriots game against Kansas City rescheduled so soon, but the Pittsburgh vs Tennessee game was postponed to October? Chris Lorch

Based on the contact tracing and negative tests from rest of the players, coaches, and staff, the league and it's medical experts decided that it was safe to play the Patriots vs. Kansas City Chiefs on Monday night. Tennessee had several positive tests emerge throughout the week and the league mandated that the facility be shut down mid last week to prevent the spread. Megan O'Brien

How healthy is Julian Edelman? Amar Bingh

Julian Edelman has consistently been on the injury report since last season. Right now he is dealing with a knee injury. The problem with Edelman this season is his drops, and while the wide receiver has been fantastic throughout his career, drops have been a consistent problem for Edelman. He is not 100% healthy, but it's unclear if his health is a contributing factor to his drops. Megan O'Brien

If the Patriots were to trade for an offensive weapon, who do you think they would target? Rickey Scots

Despite Cam Newton telling reporters a few weeks ago that the answers are in the locker room, the Patriots could certainly use some help in the weapons department. However, it's hard to believe that a competitive team would want to trade away a weapon to help the Patriots. The big name that has been floated around is Julio Jones from the Atlanta Falcons. Dan Quinn is likely on his way out, and the Falcons have struggled mightily this season. The problem with Jones is that he has been banged up. Also, in order to work a deal for a player like Jones it would cost you a player of Stephon Gilmore's caliber. A more realistic option for the Patriots would be Jacksonville's Chris Conley. While not as high profile of a player as Jones, Conley would give the Patriots a more experienced player who can use his speed to stretch the field. Megan O'Brien

What are your thoughts on trading with the Jets for Jamison Crowder? The Jets and Patriots haven't been trade partners often, but clearly they Jets are not going anywhere. Crowder wouldn't cost as much as Julio. Benjamin Poor

Similar to Julio Jones, Jamison Crowder has been beat up this year. However, Crowder would upgrade the Patriots offense. It would be stunning to see the Jets trade their top weapon away to a division rival, but stranger things have happened. Crowder to New England seems highly unlikely. Megan O'Brien

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