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Patriots wear record rings



            Super Bowl Champion New England Patriots has a unique ring to it; players rewarded with largest Super Bowl ring in history.  

CHESTNUT HILL, Mass. – Patriots owner Robert Kraft and his family rolled out the red carpet for members of the Super Bowl XXXVIII Champion New England Patriots.

The Kraft family hosted the much-anticipated Championship Ring Ceremony at their home in Chestnut Hill. Coaches, players and guests arrived to a red-carpet entrance and were treated to a cocktail reception and dinner before the rings were formally presented as the dessert to the entree. It was the "richest" dessert the players have ever enjoyed, with a heavy emphasis on carats.

Like the 2001 New England Patriots championship ring, the 2003 championship ring is cast in a brilliant 14-carat white gold. They are the only two Super Bowl rings to be cast in white gold, a characteristic that distinguishes the Patriots Championship rings from any other Super Bowl rings.

This year's championship ring is unique in many other ways, too. Weighing 3.8 ounces, it is approximately 33 percent larger than the 2001 ring and is the largest Super Bowl Championship ring ever created. The ring is "frosted" with 104 diamonds, or just over five carats of diamonds. It is the largest diamond carat total of any Super Bowl ring in history.

The spectacular ring has many other distinguishing characteristics. The crest is shaped in the form of an aerial view of Gillette Stadium with the words "WORLD" and "CHAMPIONS" adorning the top and bottom, respectively. Tapered baguette and princess-cut diamonds represent the many Patriots fans inside Gillette Stadium.

Two sculpted Lombardi Trophies create the centerpiece of the ring design, representing the two trophies won in the past three seasons. The football atop each Lombardi Trophy is filled with three-quarter-carat, marquise-cut diamonds, while the base is filled with tapered baguette diamonds. The Patriots logo lays across the two trophies and contains a special cut red garnet and blue sapphire, surrounded by 32 full-cut diamonds, representing the 32 NFL teams that vie for the NFL title. The logo also contains one full-cut diamond in the logo's star.

On the top of the ring's bezel, there are 15 full-cut diamonds, representing the season-ending 15-straight victories. The bottom of the ring's bezel has 12 full-cut diamonds, representing the 12-0 record at Gillette Stadium in 2003, the first undefeated home stand in franchise history.

Each ring is personalized to recognize the individual efforts required by each player to create a great team. On the left side of the ring, each player's last name and uniform number are raised in bold lettering. The Gillette Stadium signature view of the bridge and lighthouse are centered on the left side with the words "Undefeated at Home" emblazoned just above. The Patriots logo and the Lombardi Trophy are also sculpted on the side.

The right side of the ring features a banner with the year "2003" and "15 Straight" representing the banner year the Patriots enjoyed last season. The Super Bowl XXXVIII logo is boldly displayed above another Lombardi Trophy with the game's final score of 32-29. Patriots and Panthers team logos are positioned just above each score.


Some of the details and descriptions of the rings are listed below:

The total number of diamonds displayed in each ring.

The total diamond weight of each ring. The 5.05 carats is the largest carat total of any Super Bowl ring in history.

The total weight of the championship ring in ounces, making it the largest Super Bowl ring ever made.

This year's ring is approximately 33 percent larger than the ring that the Patriots earned just two seasons ago for their Super Bowl XXXVI Championship.

The number of full-cut diamonds that surround the Patriots logo centered atop the ring, representing the 32 NFL teams who annually vie for the Lombardi Trophy.

The number of full-cut diamonds atop the running atop the crest of the ring, representing the season-ending 15-game win streak, the longest in franchise history.

The number of full-cut diamonds embedded along the bottom of the ring's crest, representing the undefeated 12-0 record at Gillette Stadium in 2003.

The number of Lombardi Trophies displayed as the centerpiece atop the ring. They represent the 2001 and 2003 championship seasons and are filled with three-quarter carat marquise-cut diamonds.

This is the 25th Super Bowl ring manufactured by Jostens (out of 38). They have manufactured both of the Patriots championship rings.

Of the 38 Super Bowls rings created, the Patriots' TWO championship rings are the only TWO to be cast in 14-carat white gold.

Predictably, the largest ring size ordered this year is the 17.5 that will be presented to Ted Washington. The smallest is a 9.

Running a close second, Ty Warren will receive a 17-sized ring.

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