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Pats vs Seahawks Gamebook Page 4

Seattle Seahawks vs New England Patriots
10/17/2004 at Gillette Stadium
Ball Possession And Drive Chart
Seattle Seahawks

# TimeRecdTimeLostTimePossHow BallObtainedDriveBegan#PlayYdsGainYdsPenNetYds1stDownLastScrmHowGiven Up
115:0010:064:54KickoffSEA 229370372NE 41Interception
27:445:022:42KickoffSEA 25520-10101SEA 35Interception
32:140:391:35KickoffSEA 29316-1510SEA 30Punt
412:329:352:57KickoffSEA 268590592NE 15Field Goal
53:070:342:33KickoffSEA 3710410412NE 22Field Goal
613:139:014:12PuntSEA 1711730733NE 10Field Goal
73:392:071:32PuntSEA 10432-15171SEA 27Punt
814:5114:020:49FumbleSEA 4233030SEA 45Punt
912:3711:051:32InterceptionNE 454450453NE 9Touchdown
106:433:013:42KickoffSEA 2611548624NE 12Field Goal
111:550:001:55KickoffSEA 3311633665*NE 1End of Game

(322) Average SEA 29
New England Patriots

# TimeRecdTimeLostTimePossHow BallObtainedDriveBegan#PlayYdsGainYdsPenNetYds1stDownLastScrmHowGiven Up
110:067:442:22InterceptionSEA 265260262SEA 1Touchdown
25:022:142:48InterceptionSEA 437210211SEA 22Field Goal
30:3912:323:07PuntNE 336670675SEA 6Touchdown
49:353:076:28KickoffNE 2812500503SEA 22Field Goal
50:340:000:34KickoffNE 281-10-10NE 28End of Half
615:0013:131:47KickoffNE 2635050NE 31Punt
79:013:395:22KickoffNE 32839-10292SEA 39Punt
82:0714:512:16PuntNE 385200201SEA 48Fumble
914:0212:371:25PuntNE 2834040NE 32Interception
1011:056:434:22KickoffNE 2012680684SEA 12Field Goal
113:011:551:06KickoffNE 375630632SEA 9Touchdown

(401) Average NE 36
* inside opponent's 20

Time of Possession by Quarter1st2nd3rd4thOTTotal
Visitor Seattle Seahawks9:115:305:447:5828:23
Home New England Patriots5:499:309:167:0231:37

Kickoff Drive No. - Start AverageSeahawks: 7 - SEA 28Patriots: 6 - NE 28

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