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Players comment on Ted Johnson's retirement

Patriots players comment on the retirement of linebacker Ted Johnson.

WR Troy Brown
Ted Johnson's teammate for 10 seasons (1995-2004)

"First of all, Ted has been a good friend of mine for a long time. He's been a warrior as a football player. Everybody always talks about how good of an inside linebacker he was and how hard he was to block. He's just been a tremendous player for us over the years. It's hard to see a guy go after 10 years of playing with him. We wish him the best and I'm sure he does the same for us."

LB Willie McGinest
Fellow linebacker, Ted Johnson's teammate for 10 seasons (1995-2004)

"Ted was a pillar in the organization. He has been a great guy on and off the field. He has always done everything he could possibly do for the community. He has been a good teammate and definitely a good player. He helped me out and definitely made it easier for me out on the field. It was a surprise for us and sad to see a guy like that go. He was one of the good ones."

LB Larry Izzo
Fellow linebacker, had a locker next to Ted Johnson for 4 seasons (2001-04)

"Ted was the ultimate football player. Whenever he walked off the field you know that he gave everything he had. He looked like a warrior coming off the field, blood splattered on his pants. The style of play that he had is something that we all strive to do, with his physical style. I think if you ask any offensive lineman in the NFL, he is the one guy that they don't like going up against. Throughout my career, I've heard that about Ted many times. He just played with a very unique, aggressive, physical style of play that you don't see that often. We are going to miss him. He is a good friend to not only myself, but a lot of the guys here."

K Adam Vinatieri
Ted Johnson's teammate for nine seasons (1996-2004)

"Ted Johnson is and was the hardest working guy in our locker room, as far as the time he spent in the weight room and his effort on the field. He was a heck of a team leader and a truly great, great football player. When you think of football, you think of Ted Johnson. He will be missed."

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