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Players tell all at ALLTEL

Patriots players and coaches met with the press on Tuesday during media day at ALLTEL Stadium where no question was off limits and seemingly every topic surrounding Sunday’s Super Bowl XXXIX was addressed.

JACKSONVILL, FLA. -- Nickelodeon's Pick Boy was there. So was former Chicago Bears touchdown-scoring defensive lineman William "The Refrigerator" Perry. ESPN's Chris Berman, too. Journalists from all around the world, speaking a wide variety of languages? Check.

Even Patriots Video News' Brian Lowe and do-it-all cameraman/producer Bob Doyle were in attendance.

That's right, Tuesday was media day at ALLTEL Stadium. Thousands of print, TV, internet and radio reporters from around the county and world descended upon the site of Sunday's Super Bowl XXXIX to meet with all the New England players and coaches in one mass interview. From game related, game plan type questions to the all-out wacky questions and answers, Tuesday was a no-holds-barred barrage.

Pick Boy, dressed in his orange, green and black cape and tights that has become customary on media day, asked some of the zanier questions. From behind his black mask the Nickelodeon host asked Patriots second-year center Dan Koppen if he had ever farted on Tom Brady's hands during a center exchange.

"Never," Koppen responded with a smile. "I have threatened a number of times, but I never have."

Much of the more serious discussion at many of the podiums and huddles revolved around how, in some ways, the Patriots are a boring team to cover.

"Boring to cover? Yeah, thanks," linebacker Ted Johnson said. "I know, you want somebody to say something outrageous. We know better and we have a coach who knows better. It's not entertaining, but it's a formula for success and we'll keep on doing it."

Veteran safety Rodney Harrison probably put the mass confusion of media day in perspective better than any other.

"It is what it is," Harrison said. "It's an hour of media availability. You have to respect that [the media] has a job to do just like I do."

RAC(k)-ing up the praisePatriots players continue to praise defensive coordinator Romeo Crennel, who according to published reports, will receive a head coaching job offer from the Cleveland Browns following the conclusion of Sunday's game.

"I am glad he's finally getting respect," Johnson said. "I don't know if anyone's looked at his resume, but it's pretty impressive. Do I think he'll be a good head coach? There is no doubt."

"Guys want to play for him," defensive tackle Richard Seymour said. "That's one thing you never want to underestimate."

The Patriots did not practice on Tuesday and will return to the field on Wednesday. … Asked this week for the moment he realized there was something special about Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, Belichick responded with a smile. "That's a tough one," Belichick said. "There was that special moment in New Orleans." Of course Belichick was referring to Brady leading the Patriots on a drive to a game winning field goal as time expired for the Super Bowl XXXVI win over the Rams. … Despite popular perception, not everything Brady does is perfect. "He can't sing or dance," wide receiver Deion Branch said. "I think his sense of celebration is strange. Did you see him slam into me in [last year's] Super Bowl?" … How do the Patriots maintain such a team-first attitude? "You aren't even going to make it in the door if you aren't a team player," Branch said. … Ted Johnson summed up what the New England defense has to do this Sunday rather succinctly. "We just have to play good football and eliminate bad football." … Richard Seymour didn't practice on Monday due to the slippery conditions at the Patriots Bartram Trail High School practice facilities, but he hopes to test his knee under full practice conditions later in the week. "Hopefully I'll be out there tomorrow," Seymour said. "You have to build confidence in the knee and I hope to do that." … Mike Vrabel's thoughts on athletic Eagels quarterback Donovan McNabb? "If he takes off running we have nobody who is going to catch him. So we'll hope he runs out of bounds." ... The Patriots will release their first Super Bowl week injury report on Wednesday.

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