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Presser Points: Belichick - 'We're playing the Chargers, not the weather'

Bill Belichick wasn't concerned with the weather or anything else associated with home field with regard to Sunday's showdown with the Chargers.


When it comes to analyzing matchups and breaking down opponents, playoff game can become tedious. For the upcoming divisional round game between the Patriots and Chargers, there has been more than a little talk about running backs as receiver, the size of wideouts and the possibility that weather and travel can be factors.

That led to an interesting moment during Friday morning's press conference when a reporter asked Bill Belichick a question about dealing with any additional anxiety heading into a playoff game.

The question opened with the reporter's admission that he had grown tired of all the analysis and just wanted the game to arrive. One guy who showed no signs of fatigue was Belichick.

"Sorry to put you through that," Belichick deadpanned.

The coach continued by discussing the logistics of the week, which he explained are similar to most any during the regular season.

"It's a normal week for us. I mean, they played on Sunday. We didn't find out who we were playing until Sunday night," Belichick said. "It's really a Sunday to Sunday preparation for us. We couldn't prepare for anybody last week. It was one of three teams. It is what it is."

That was pretty much the highlight of the morning briefing, which featured a lot of references to weather and the Chargers personnel. In terms of the former, Belichick predictably wasn't willing to discuss that or any other perceived advantage from playing in Foxborough.

With temperatures expected to be in the 20s on Sunday, would that affect a West Coast team?

"They're a good football team. We're playing the Chargers. We're not playing the weather. Whatever it is, it is," Belichick said.

Is there one single thing you can point to that provides a team an advantage playing at home in the postseason?

"I don't think it's any advantage. Last week three of the four road teams won," the coach stated. "The advantage is the team that plays well. That's what we're going to try and do – play and coach our best game Sunday afternoon. That's our goal."

And with that, the proceedings came to an end and now we all wait till Sunday.

Read the full transcript from Coach Belichick's Friday press conference.

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