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QB Tom Brady Press Conf. Transcript - 12/22/2002

Brady: It was just one play after another; we just couldn't execute it the right way. And there was no rhythm in the first half.

TB: Real pretty, huh? Who wants to start?

Q. Most out of sync you guys have been offensively. There early it seemed like absolutely nothing was going. Any reason you are so flat?

TB: Yes. You know, we obviously, I think, you know, it is probably how we felt too out there. I mean it was just one play after another; we just couldn't execute it the right way. And there was no rhythm in the first half. We actually came out in the second half and had a nice drive and after that didn't pretty much put it together. So it was a frustrating game. It was a frustrating game for us; obviously, a frustrating game for our coaches. And just disappointed.

Q. How disappointing is it just knowing what is on the line? I mean this week and next week, and tonight was really big.

TB: Yes, I mean you hope, you know, at the end of the year with as much work as you put in, you really play the best you can play. And you know, for one reason or another we are just, you know, we are not finding that right way right now. And it seems sometimes like the harder you try, the harder it gets. And you know, the Jets played pretty good. But you know, I think it comes back to the way we executed and just didn't make enough plays to win today.

Q. Tom, could you talk a little bit about the pressure that you were facing, it seemed especially in the first half you had somebody in the first just about on every throw.

TB: They got a good front. They got a good defensive front. That is probably the big strength of their team. It is a big zone coverage team and I don't know if we had one snap to man coverage tonight, so I really think they rely on the front four guys to put some heat on the quarterback. You know, we were just out of sync in the first half.

Q. You guys have to rely now on some other things to happen which you didn't worry about before. I imagine that is pretty disappointing to you.

TB: Yes. I mean you lose, you have got three games left and you lose two to start the three-game stretch. You know, I don't think we are relying on too many other people at this point. We are playing a real good Miami team. They beat the crap out of us the last time we played them so our energy should be on Miami. And if it is not then -- well, it should be. It should be. So I mean who knows what happens. I mean the only thing you can control is what we can control, and that is trying to put together a new week of practice and coming out and playing a hell of a lot better than we did tonight.

Q. Tom, the only third down that is converted offensively, throwing the ball with the touchdown to Christian (Fauria). Did they do anything offensively on third down, was there something where they were jumping inside short routes, something that made it difficult to convert those?

TB: You know, I'll have to take a look at the film. Off the top of my head, I think it is tough. I mean it is tough. I don't know.

Q. Tom, it has been back-to-back individual struggles for your game. Is there something you feel like you are doing that you did better early in the year, you know, individually?

TB: I think I go out there and try to play as well as I can. You throw the ball, try to find open guys and throw it to them. So I don't know. If I didn't do that, then I will try to get better.

Q. Are you amazed at the contrast in the way you guys started the year to the way you are now, especially the Jets team you blew out on the road and didn't play well here?

TB: Yes. I mean that is something I think we are all frustrated about. I mean that is obviously something that confidence plays a lot into that. And you know, this team is not playing with a lot of confidence. It is obvious. So I think that is a big part of the reason why you can be, you know, so hot and play so well and then, you know, with the same cast of characters, you don't play so well. So yes, I mean it is just a bad loss. I mean we just -- we just blew it.

Q. Is this going to -- do you feel like this is your low point right now? I mean when you guys were going through the skid, it seems like this is the most down you have been this season personally.

TB: Well, I mean I think it is because we came off a tough loss last week. We expect to play at home and play well and we don't play well. And it is one of those things that you put so much energy into it over the course of the week and you talk about what you are going to do and you say you are going to do this, you are going to do this, and then we go out and we don't see any of it. So I think over the course of the week we put a lot of the energy into it with a lot of folks and we knew what they were going to do and we thought that we would come out and play well. And then the outcome of the game is such that we look back very disappointed. I mean there is low points with every loss. I think week 15 or week 16, whatever it is, you know, I think you really -- I think it is frustrating because we think we should play a lot better.

Q. Is defending a Super Bowl Title harder than maybe you imagined it would be, especially from the way your team started this season?

TB: Well, yes. I mean I don't think we -- I think at this point I mean that is so far beyond, you know, what I remember. I mean that is a long time ago. So it is hard to beat anyone when you don't play good, and especially good teams. I mean, you know, the Jets played well tonight. I mean their quarterback played really well and their receivers made a lot of great plays. Curtis Martin, obviously, pretty good and their defense played well. So when you play these good teams you have to play well. And you know, they don't come in here thinking, well, we are going to, you know, we are playing the Super Bowl Champs. I think they are saying we are playing the team that is eight and six and we feel like, you know, they had a chance to beat. At least that is what I think.

Q. Tom, is there a way to use the anger and the frustration as a motivation tool going into this last game knowing that, hey, to have any chance at all you have got to perform at a high level as a team on Sunday and hope something else happens?

TB: You know, you can be frustrated or angry or pissed off and then I think that lasts, you know, for maybe a quarter. So I think it just comes back to just getting the plays right. I mean the Coach draws them up and you try to run that way. And you know, if the way it has worked out we just haven't done that as well as we would have wanted. So you know, there is a lot -- there was a lot of emotion. There was a lot of energy tonight. But our play didn't kind of -- our play didn't match that. And that is where you fall into these deficits at half time that we did and that is why we don't play well down the stretch. Thanks everyone.

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