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Quick Kicks: Another Patriots-Mississippi State connection


INDIANAPOLIS — Spoke earlier with one of the highest-rated defensive linemen in this year's NFL Draft, Mississippi State's Fletcher Cox, who spent one season as a teammate of current Patriots defensive tackle Kyle Love.

Naturally, I asked him about their relationship.

"I just got done texting Kyle," he disclosed with a grin. "He asked me when my workout was and I told him Monday. He told me he would be watching and wished me good luck."

Having spent just one season together, I wondered what Cox might have learned from his elder teammate.

"I was a freshman and he was a senior. He showed me a lot of stuff, too, showed me the ropes and told me once he left, that I was the next thing coming through and to keep working hard and never give up. He said they do more of a read technique [in New England]. They have what they call 'rabbits,' third down they put the pass rushers in the game and get after the quarterback."

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