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Quick Kicks: Mon 10/8 locker room notes

Even after victories, Mondays are typically slow days, news-wise, around Gillette Stadium and the Patriots' locker room.


Today was no exception. However, there was the whole Wes Welker thing.

You may have heard he jokingly said about his performance in the Broncos game that "it's nice to stick it in Bill's face."

Today, head coach Bill Belichick was asked about it during his press briefing and said he hadn't heard the comment.

"You should ask him about it then," Belichick suggested to reporters. "What he meant by it, I don't know."

So, the media did ask Welker.

"It was a joke," the receiver maintained. "I mean, I don't know what else to say about it. Bill and I, whether you all believe it or not, have a good relationship. It was a joke and… I'll make sure to keep that in-house going forward."

Welker added that in today's society, it's frustrating how careful people have to be about what they say.

"Bill does a great job of challenging us and being a great coach. I made a joke about it," Welker continued. "Won't happen again."

That prompted a reporter to set up Welker with this softball: How great is Bill? Best ever?

"No doubt… and that's not a joke," Welker responded with a smile.

For more Broncos-Patriots-Bills post-game coverage, visit for analysis and reaction, plus our weekly After Further Review film breakdown feature.

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