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Quick Kicks: Schiano praises Belichick as 'special'

New Tampa Bay Buccaneers coach Greg Schiano, late of Rutgers, spoke glowingly of Patriots head coach Bill Belichick.


Several current Patriots are former Scarlet Knights, thanks in considerable part to the relationship that has blossomed over the years between Belichick and Schiano.

"Bill has been an incredible person for me professionally, but I've gotten to know Bill - his son, Stephen, played lacrosse at Rutgers," Schiano explained. "Thus, Bill was down there a lot. He'd come work out some of our players. Every time we visited, I learned a ton, number one, and number two, I felt very comfortable with him. He's a no-nonsense guy. I think that's what I am, and it's fun to be with people that ... it is what it is. No agendas.

"As these things began to [happen with the Bucs], I called and asked him for some advice and he was great," Schiano continued. "I look forward - I know we're competitors, I know there's 32 teams - but I look forward to - we're in different divisions, different conferences - hopefully we'll continue to help each other grow. Certainly, he'll help me more than I'll help him, but it's been a very good relationship. I know it'll change now a little bit. But he's a special coach, as we all know, and to me, a very special person."

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