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Quick Kicks: Wilson soaking it all in


Fairly or unfairly, Tavon Wilson will be saddled with expectations in the NFL.

That's what happens when a virtually unknown player gets drafted in the second round.

Wilson, though, said this weekend during Patriots rookie mini-camp that he doesn't feel any added pressure to prove any of his critics wrong.

"I'm just very fortunate Coach Belichick made the pick. It was out of my hands. I'm just trying to be the best player I can be. It's really not about proving anybody wrong. It's about Tavon being the best player he can be. I've never been a person who tries to go out and prove something to someone."

What does he hope to accomplish this weekend, then?

"I'm just trying to be the best player I can become," Wilson continued. "Just try to get better every day. Just do whatever I'm asked by the coaches and take a step every day."

One of the reasons the Patriots may have been attracted to the former Illinois defensive back is his penchant for film study.

"As I got older, I tried to attack the film room and understand offenses and how they wanted to attack me," he explained. "I just like the advantage it gives you on the field, when it pays off and you know what's happening. That's something I'm going to do here also."

In the meantime, he's trying to get to know everyone in the organization as quickly as possible and absorb the intricate defensive playbook. Wilson said he's already found his veteran teammates to be more than willing to help.

"This is a pretty tight group, so, I feel comfortable reaching out to the older players if I need to.

"It's been great. Excited to be here," he concluded. "I'm new to this, so, I'm just trying to learn as much as possible."

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